My Stretching Routine

Being super active makes me super sore, I've become religious in my recovery routine so I thought I would share my daily stretches with you guys. I usually start on a High-Density Round Foam Roller - I prefer this density and size, I mainly use it for my quads - top, inside, and outside. Here's a video on exactly how I do it.

I then use my The Original Stretch Out Strap to stretch my calves, typically I do this with shoes on! I hold each stretch for about 30 seconds - 3 times. While watching Netflix.

Next I do my hamstrings - try to keep your knee straight unlike me in this picture! Each time I do the stretch I pull a little hard to stretch a little further.

This one is my favorite - let your leg fall to the outside and feel it along your adductor. Don't made eye contact with people at the gym while doing this, even if you are laughing out loud to Parks and Rec on Netflix. 

Pull your leg over your body, keep the opposite shoulder on the floor. So good on the back and hips.

Finally flip over and get those quads.

This tool is a little for pricey at $125, but I use mine almost everyday! The Pure-Wave Cordless Massager  is a percussion massager that I love to use on my IT Band {foam rolling is torture on a tight IT Band!}, my pecs, shoulder, and traps, and calves. It's also heaven on sore feet!

I'd love to hear how you guys recover after hard workouts?

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