Why you need an AIR FRYER!

My Avalon Bay Air Fryer is the most used gadget in my kitchen - even more than the oven or microwave. I've taught both Oliver and Madison to use it, if they can master it I believe you can too. This is the second air fryer I've owned, the first had a touch screen that I was not a huge fan of, instead I prefer a dial. I store mine on my pantry floor when not in use, the handle at the top makes it easy to put away.

What the heck is an air fryer? It cooks food with hot circulating air thus causing food to come out crispy. This is great for lots of food - frozen or fresh. The downside to an air fryer is that you can only cook limited amounts at one time - you shouldn't over fill the fryer basket or things take too long to fully cook and dry out. Also it's kinda hard to figure out what temp and how long to cook items, not a lot of directions out there. SO I usually do 400 and start with 8-10 minutes and check every few minutes after, once you cook things a time or two you will remember.

A family favorite is chicken nuggets! Madison begs for them, I'm happy to see her eating so much protein! I cut fresh chicken into chunks {usually during meal prep Sunday, leave in the fridge and dish out a portion as I make a meal}. I place some on foil {parchment paper didn't work well for me} sprinkle with truffle seasoning {found here!! No I don't have discount code, I'm sorry! well worth it!} spray with coconut oil lightly  and cook at 400 for about 12 minutes.

If you love Mexican food you need to follow Sarah Fit After 5 - she's the queen of air frying tortillas and topping with yummy items, plus her DRIZZLE y'all.

You know I'm pretty obsessed with my two ingredient dough - Greek Non Fat Yogurt + Bob's Red Mill Low-Carb Baking Mix. You mix half a cup of each and that's FREAKING IT. So good as pizza dough or bagels. I followed SkinnyTaste's recipe for bagels in the air fryer and they are so good - cut in half and make a breakfast sandwich with eggs and Canadian bacon, super high protein meal!

We love Trader Joe's Orange Chicken - even better crispy from the air fryer. Alexa Sweet Potato french fries - a Sunday favorite with our burgers. Plus when I have to make chicken nuggets shaped like Dinosaurs for the toddler man baby - I can easily pop in 2 or 3 and cook in just a few minutes. Just don't taste them because THEY ARE DELISH. I'm sorry, but they are!

Somedays I just don't want to spend a lot of effort on my meals - meat, potato, with cheese usually is filling and satisfying. These potato's are already diced, I just weigh out on foil, season, cook at 400 for about 8-10 minutes. When they are almost done throw some cheese on for a minute. You can spiral sweet potato and air fry for a healthier french fry, just spray with coconut oil and put some sea salt on!

Burgers are super easy in the air fryer - but only 2 at a time! I season and place directly on fryer basket, cook at 400 for 6 minutes per side.

I'd love to hear what items you love to cook in the air fryer?

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