Thank you all for the birthday love - I had a fantastic weekend full of Mambo Taxi's, drunk karaoke, too much food, naps, and of course Bundt Cake {the new flavor is so good!}. Madison made sure that I got a new shiny hot pink bike, our new neighborhood is perfect for family bike rides!

I promised to share my favorite pre and post workout items this week, here ya go!


I'm one of those girls who needs a good shot of energy before I go to the gym, I've tried a lot of pre workout and these are my favorites, I rotate depending on the day/workout. 

STRONGEST: Mr. Hyde Intense Energy Pre-Workout .
            This is not for the faint of heart - you will sweat just from taking it. So I love this on days that I'm only lifting, it gets me nice and hot {and a little red faced}. I love the Cotton Candy flavor - they do have a 'cleaner' version but it tasted terrible. The downside to this one is when it wears off you crash pretty hard. I don't recommend this for cardio - I felt a bit like my heart was gonna explode or I might throw up.

STRONG: Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout  + Beyond Raw LIT
             These are nice because you can feel a bit of a tingle and they are build-able {I can work up to 1.5 or 2 scoops}. I love the Blue Raz flavor and the Gummy Worm for the Lit.

            This is probably my favorite for daily use - you don't get any tingle from this one, but it literally has me pumped and ready to tackle my day for HOURS. No crash!!! The fruity flavor is nice and goes down easily.


BSN Amino X  {Tropical Pineapple}

I drink this during my workout - it's BCAAs to help with muscle endurance and recovery, but for real the selling point to me was THE FLAVOR! It's like a virgin drink by the beach, so good. I love a good strong flavor when I'm dying and it's hot outside.

Post Workout

I like easy and nothing beats the convince and taste of premier protein shakes! The macros are great, my favorite is caramel but I just stocked up on the new flavors so that may change. Sam's is having a sale on them right now - $16 per pack! I love to throw the chocolate in the freezer while I workout and then have a frosty shake right after.

Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

I mix of scoop of this in my afternoon yeti of tea, it's 'unflavored' but still I wouldn't drink with just water. This was recommend to me for knee pain and I noticed a huge difference in my daily life pretty soon after starting this supplement. It helps with general aches and pains, plus added bonus it's good for your hair/skin and has protein. Highly Recommend!

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