My Last Half Marathon

A few months ago 2 of my Crossfit friends and I decided it would be a great idea to run a half marathon - not just any half but the Princess Half at Disney. We jumped online and bought a bib the day it was released, I can’t recall exactly how much it was, but I’m guessing close to $200. Since my second knee surgery last summer I had been pretty lax on the running, just a few miles here or there. I thought a race would force me to get out there and run again.

Signing up months ahead of time it was easy to say, oh I’ll start serious training next week’. The weeks added up and I was still only doing 5 miles here and there. Now I still was doing Crossfit daily so it wasn’t like I wasn’t working out AT ALL. Brooke was the same as me, probably running a few miles each week, Jennifer said she wasn’t running at all and planned to run/walk the race at her easy pace. Brooke and I started to add a few extra miles here and there - the farthest I did was a 9 mile run about 2 weeks before the race.

We planned a 4 day girls weekend - both of them are Disney fanatics and couldn’t wait to hit all the rides. I’ve only been to Disney twice, once as a teen and again with the kids 2 summers ago. I made the mistake of going in July, it was HOT AF, and made it pretty miserable at the park. Going when the weather was nicer and with someone who organized the trip I have to say I had a entirely different experience and will have to take the kids back again in the WINTER.

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Packet pickup went smoothly, but I was surprised to learn they wanted everyone on the monorail to get to the start by 3:30 am!!! The race didn’t start until 5:30 - then we realized {too late} that an error on one of our bibs had us in the last corral. We decided to not leave our hotel {The Grand Floridian} until 4:30 so we wouldn’t have to stand for hours before running. We got there right as the race was starting, but still didn’t take off until 6:30. They had a great start - music and fireworks for each wave! It at least a mile or so to walk to the starting area from the monorail/bus area.

I knew the course did not run through the park the entire time so I wasn’t surprised by the 3 miles it took to get to Magic Kingdom, it was very crowded and a lot of the course would become narrow so everyone had to slow and walk to push though. I will say they provided lots of extra water stops because it was hotter than usual for that time of year. Running through the park was great, but by this time my knees were KILLING me from all the weaving I was doing, plus I was SO HOT. It was cold in Dallas when we left and the extreme temperature difference was hard.

After we left the park it went downhill - you run in a construction area with absolutely nothing to look at. It was the longest miles of my life, no specatators cheering and the lines to get pictures with characters were crazy long. They had a DJ out at one mile and that was fun, still lots of water and sports beans and even cold sponges at mile 10 to cool you off.

I was wishing I was back at Epcot having the BEST MARGARITA OF MY LIFE.

Funny enough Brooke and I called Jen to see where she was, she somehow passed us when we stopped to pee. We told her to wait for us at mile 10, it was the funniest shit to hobble up and she’s laughing at us looking so ragged. The girl who scoffed at any training was absolutely fine and having to to help us along those last few miles! LOL

We finished and they had a huge medical area where they iced you up and gave you cold rags - that was awesome. We sat for a few then went to get our snacks - omg the snack box was HORRIBLE. This is DISNEY they are known for their snacks and we got fake cheese with a bag of tortilla chips. WTH I still ate the chips cause #hangry 

OVERALL I would say it was very organized, but not worth $200 - you don’t even get a DISCOUNT to the parks with your entry. The shirt was meh and the medal was huge. I also don’t recommend being meh with training. 

BUT I will say this really solidified with me that running is not for me anymore, I just can’t find the passion I used to have for it. It was fun the last 7 years - I did a lot of great races and that one not so fun marathon. I thought maybe a fun race would help be get there again, but no, and  it’s time to stop trying to force it. I know some people were disappointed to hear this, but it’s only natural for peoples interests to change and if I always did what I’ve always done then I would never grow as a person.

TBT  Rock and Roll San Diego was awesome!!!

For now my love is Crossfit - it challenges me in ways that I need right now. Running did that for me the last few years. I’m sure one day it’ll change again {probably not into yoga cause I suck at being quite!} Not to say I won’t do a few short 5k sometimes, I love the Hot Chocolate every year!

So maybe you are stuck in a rut doing something that’s just not working for you anymore - I encourage you to branch out and find something that does set your heart racing with fear! That’s the best kind of challenge!!!

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