Update on those Baby Muscles.

It's been a while since I've updated about my diet and workouts etc. For most of the summer I upped my calories to around 2200/daily - but that included a lot more drinking, mindless snacking by the pool, and just general summer living. I gained about 4-5 pounds which was totally fine - kept up my workouts as much as possible, but a lot of rehabbing around my left knee. I had my 2nd surgery on it the beginning of June. Being more lax for a few months is not a bad thing - mental breaks are needed! I was still happy with how I looked in a swimsuit.

Now that summer is over and the air is crisper I'm feeling more motivated to get myself a bit leaner. I struggle with wanting to be lean, but also eating for performance. I like to go hard at the gym and it's harder for me to keep that up when I'm eating in a deficit. So I just lowered my calories a bit to see what happened. Currently I'm eating 165 carbs / 54 fat / 150 protein. - but I do have 1 day a week I eat whatever I want for a meal, even if it doesn't fit. Usually a burger! I am still using PoppyLocks.com to set my macros. 

I only weigh myself like once a month because really that doesn't tell you much. I'm also only doing BF testing like 1-2 a year - maybe. My goals can't be about numbers that have minimal change - my goals are about what I can do. Getting stronger - getting faster - working on my form. That is something that everyone can do no matter how long you've been lifting. I'm relatively new to the CF world so I still have tons of things to work on, which is actually great - always something new to focus on!

I'm doing Crossfit about 6 days a week and I'm running 1x a week. I do extra weight lifting after Crossfit Class - I've been using the Smolov Program to increase my back squat and overhead press. My left leg is finally feeling about 90% and I'm determined to hit a 200 back squat finally! I use the free app in the iTunes store - you put in your 1 rep max for whatever lift and it spits out a program for you to follow. 

146 pounds vs 148 pounds

There are lots of ways to lose weight, there is not right or wrong way because different things work for different people. On the left I was pure cardio and keeping my calories as low as possible. It worked, I was 146 pounds. Was it sustainable for me to do 2 hours of cardio a day forever?? No. Mostly because my knee just can't taking the constant pounding from running like it used to, but I also just mentally became bored with my routine. I wasn't challenged. So I went looking for something new and found it in Crossfit. Blah blah blah - you all know how much I love it, but it really was a Godsend when I needed it most. 

My body has completely changed - I'm so much tougher than I even realized. Not like throw a 100 pounds over my head tougher {cause you saw how well that went today on IG} but what I can mentally push myself to do. I CAN push myself past the point of 'I think I might die' and I actually kinda love it {once I recover that is}.  When someone else is pushing you I think you learn a great deal more about yourself and what you are capable of. 

Plus the muscles, those are a great added bonus. 

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