This Season of Life.

Last year you guys were so great with all the advice after I shared that Madison was struggling in school. We are having a much better year in our new district, we definitely made the right decision to move to a new school. We still are having some difficulty in a few areas and after another conference with her teacher we are gong to do some more testing for dyslexia. 

I had serious Mommy guilt after the last conference - her teacher brought up note taking and said that Madison had a very difficult time taking notes off the board or projector. I noticed this while we studied her spelling words, I laid the paper in front of her and had her copy the words onto flash cards. She copied some of the words incorrectly and I became frustrated with her because I thought she was just being sloppy. Apparently it's called tracking and it's very hard for her. 

Finding quiet reading time is a challenge around here - Aiden is like her little shadow and it's hard to keep them apart because she also refuses to stay in a room alone with the door closed. Sigh. I used to read for hours and hours - after having children I can't even get into 1 book before I'm interrupted and  realize I've reread the same page several times.  Look at this face though, he's impossible to be upset with and he just loves his sister.

This season of life is my favorite so far - no changing diapers, no worrying about fertility, getting tons of sleep every night. Oliver and I are both happy with our careers, we enjoy our lives together, and it's just a very calm time in our lives. Settled. Happy. Perfect - no. We argue, we have daily stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Heck - parenting on a daily basis will take it out of you, but just a feeling of being content is nice.

My least favorite question is: Where do you see yourself if 10 years? 

Heck if I know - 10 years ago I would not have imagined ONE SINGLE THING that is my world today.  I guess I just like to be surprised by life.

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