Lifting Heavy

My running group wanted to drive to Fort Worth and run the Pumpkin Spice race - we are super basic so of course this seemed like a great idea. The day before Poppy and I decided we would run the 15k, even though I'm running {actual mileage} like twice a month right now. The day of the race the wind picked up so we decided to just do the 10k. 

The shirts were just SO UGLY, then we got there and it was like a ugly sweater party, but for runners. It was pretty hilarious. We start the race and people were falling left and right around us, you think cross fit is dangerous try eating pavement during a race! 

Granted I haven't run a race in a while, but dang it if I didn't run the thing like it was a hour long WOD at Crossfit.  I ran about an 9:20 the whole time, which isn't even my fastest time, but for someone who hasn't been running it killed my legs and groin. Not my best idea - I had to take the rest of the day to recover on the couch with a nap and Pure Wave Massager. I swear I felt like I had run a full marathon, Oliver was like 'I thought you only ran 6 miles' 

You don't know my life Oliver. 

It's the same at Crossfit, I'm like blah, I don't even feel like doing this workout - then the buzzer goes off and I black out trying to get done first. I'm a first born Aries - I'm just competitive.  

Pretty much everyday when I walk into the gym I tell myself - gonna go light and take it easy today. I think this has REALLY happened once, it's like a biological response in my body when that damn counter is counting down - 3, 2, 1 - buzzzzzzzz!

Actual footage of me on the bike trying to beat Oliver, when he talks shit that he's beating me he better believe I'm gonna turn it on! That's what makes it fun in there, dying and laughing all at the same time. 

scanned 30 times to be sure no boobs are showing!

Lifting heavy weights is great for your body, but it's not something you're going to notice overnight. I've been doing CF for about 18 months now and I'm LOVING what I'm seeing. You do go through some periods where you're hitting PR's and killing it, then you go through a period where you are just putting in the work and not seeing a big difference. The last few months I've been seeing my hard work come out, lifts are getting stronger {except that one I dropped on my head LOL} and the changes in my body make me happy. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the 50 burpees a day challenge - I will have done a total of 1500 EXTRA burpees for the month of November! My fastest time was 2:18 - to which I almost died. The old people at the Y came over to check on me while I was panting on the ground  hahahaha. Burpees don't seem so daunting now, I'm so glad I finished this challenge, pretty proud of myself because there were lots of days I REALLY REALLY didn't want to do them. 

If you didn't get to it last month December 1st is almost here, grab you a few friends to keep yourself accountable and push yourself to do something great. Thinking goblet squats daily for December - y'all in??

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