A Year Long Goal.

I KNEW today was going to be a great day - Oliver was home from his fishing trip, the kitchen was clean, my hair was clean, and my new sparkle Nike pants fit great! I paired it with this tie back top  - highly recommend!! It's comfortable and super cute and only $20 bucks - click here.  The Nike pants can be found here - I sized up to a medium because the fabric is a bit different and in store I only paid $45 and they are listed at $51 online. 

So at the beginning of 2017 we set up a goal board at Crossfit and I set about 5 goals for myself - the last one I had to check off the list was a 200 pound back squat. My janky knee has been hindering me from meeting that goal, I've been rehabbing and strengthening my left side for months. Just 2 weeks ago I tried 200 again and failed. 

The number one rule I have when lifting is DON'T ADD UP THE WEIGHTS. I just keep adding and keep lifting based on how I feel, if I KNOW I"m getting close to a PR or a heavy weight it mentally plays games with me. Today we weren't even doing 1 rep max - we were doing sets of 5. I kept adding weight without counting - didn't even realize I hit 195 for 3 reps. Coach had me add 5 more and I finally finally hit my 200!!!! You guys - a year in the making! I'm so damn proud of myself! 

My other little hard worker played in her first tournament last weekend. It was pretty tiring because they spread the games out all day - we didn't get to bed until after 11 both days. You know me, I like to be laid up by 9. 

It was her and I all weekend, we had a great girls weekend. We had some food, got some pedicures, and kicked the ball around together. I have serious FOMO watching her play, I miss it so much. I'm debating trying out an indoor team and see how I feel playing again. My Dr said I could, I just am a bit scared after taking 3 years to fix the dang knee I have now. 

I also ordered a Christmas tree on a whim - I saw someone post about King of Christmas on IG and I've always wanted a super flocked tree so I ordered it! Oliver always veto'd the flocked tree, but now that he's seen it in person he loves it. THIS is why I don't ask his opinion, he usually ends up loving whatever I pick so why argue about it beforehand? 

I like the flocked because you don't have to add a lot of decor to make it look pretty. I got the 8 ft prelit one and paid 364 - linked here. It shipped in a day, for free, they also had a coupon added at checkout. The quality it awesome! I think I'll go back and buy the matching garland for the stairs.

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