Lifting Heavy

My running group wanted to drive to Fort Worth and run the Pumpkin Spice race - we are super basic so of course this seemed like a great idea. The day before Poppy and I decided we would run the 15k, even though I'm running {actual mileage} like twice a month right now. The day of the race the wind picked up so we decided to just do the 10k. 

The shirts were just SO UGLY, then we got there and it was like a ugly sweater party, but for runners. It was pretty hilarious. We start the race and people were falling left and right around us, you think cross fit is dangerous try eating pavement during a race! 

Granted I haven't run a race in a while, but dang it if I didn't run the thing like it was a hour long WOD at Crossfit.  I ran about an 9:20 the whole time, which isn't even my fastest time, but for someone who hasn't been running it killed my legs and groin. Not my best idea - I had to take the rest of the day to recover on the couch with a nap and Pure Wave Massager. I swear I felt like I had run a full marathon, Oliver was like 'I thought you only ran 6 miles' 

You don't know my life Oliver. 

It's the same at Crossfit, I'm like blah, I don't even feel like doing this workout - then the buzzer goes off and I black out trying to get done first. I'm a first born Aries - I'm just competitive.  

Pretty much everyday when I walk into the gym I tell myself - gonna go light and take it easy today. I think this has REALLY happened once, it's like a biological response in my body when that damn counter is counting down - 3, 2, 1 - buzzzzzzzz!

Actual footage of me on the bike trying to beat Oliver, when he talks shit that he's beating me he better believe I'm gonna turn it on! That's what makes it fun in there, dying and laughing all at the same time. 

scanned 30 times to be sure no boobs are showing!

Lifting heavy weights is great for your body, but it's not something you're going to notice overnight. I've been doing CF for about 18 months now and I'm LOVING what I'm seeing. You do go through some periods where you're hitting PR's and killing it, then you go through a period where you are just putting in the work and not seeing a big difference. The last few months I've been seeing my hard work come out, lifts are getting stronger {except that one I dropped on my head LOL} and the changes in my body make me happy. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the 50 burpees a day challenge - I will have done a total of 1500 EXTRA burpees for the month of November! My fastest time was 2:18 - to which I almost died. The old people at the Y came over to check on me while I was panting on the ground  hahahaha. Burpees don't seem so daunting now, I'm so glad I finished this challenge, pretty proud of myself because there were lots of days I REALLY REALLY didn't want to do them. 

If you didn't get to it last month December 1st is almost here, grab you a few friends to keep yourself accountable and push yourself to do something great. Thinking goblet squats daily for December - y'all in??


Fall Family Photos

Tis the time of year to do family photos, weather is unpredictable this time of year so you gotta be flexible. The Saturday we were scheduled to shoot the wind was crazy, so we decided to get up at 5am on Sunday and do them at sunrise. Luckily my kids are morning people so it works well for us and it's nice to just get it done and have the rest of the day to get whatever you need to done.  Oliver pretty much gets himself ready and as you can see the kids sit at my feet and wait their turn for hair and outfits.

I'm seriously THE WORST at getting ready for pictures, I never plan ahead for outfits and the 2 days before I'm running around trying to decide what I want. I knew I wanted to drive downtown Dallas for these murals, the bright colors are so fun! It was chilly so we only hit a few, but there are tons of options. 

She was the first to pick her outfit, cobalt blue is such a pretty color on her! Necklace is from Sprinklings Girls, our favorite, they never break! Her jacket is last year from Target, every girl needs a leather jacket in their closet. 

She looks so tall and grown, I tear up just looking at this picture. I know I say it all the time, but she's got a heart of gold. The way she takes care of Aiden just makes me so proud.

This turkey. He pulled out his three year old card and wasn't super cooperative, but this picture pretty much sums him up. Smart as a whip! 

Now that I'm ahead of the game I'm for sure getting Christmas cards out this year! 


A Year Long Goal.

I KNEW today was going to be a great day - Oliver was home from his fishing trip, the kitchen was clean, my hair was clean, and my new sparkle Nike pants fit great! I paired it with this tie back top  - highly recommend!! It's comfortable and super cute and only $20 bucks - click here.  The Nike pants can be found here - I sized up to a medium because the fabric is a bit different and in store I only paid $45 and they are listed at $51 online. 

So at the beginning of 2017 we set up a goal board at Crossfit and I set about 5 goals for myself - the last one I had to check off the list was a 200 pound back squat. My janky knee has been hindering me from meeting that goal, I've been rehabbing and strengthening my left side for months. Just 2 weeks ago I tried 200 again and failed. 

The number one rule I have when lifting is DON'T ADD UP THE WEIGHTS. I just keep adding and keep lifting based on how I feel, if I KNOW I"m getting close to a PR or a heavy weight it mentally plays games with me. Today we weren't even doing 1 rep max - we were doing sets of 5. I kept adding weight without counting - didn't even realize I hit 195 for 3 reps. Coach had me add 5 more and I finally finally hit my 200!!!! You guys - a year in the making! I'm so damn proud of myself! 

My other little hard worker played in her first tournament last weekend. It was pretty tiring because they spread the games out all day - we didn't get to bed until after 11 both days. You know me, I like to be laid up by 9. 

It was her and I all weekend, we had a great girls weekend. We had some food, got some pedicures, and kicked the ball around together. I have serious FOMO watching her play, I miss it so much. I'm debating trying out an indoor team and see how I feel playing again. My Dr said I could, I just am a bit scared after taking 3 years to fix the dang knee I have now. 

I also ordered a Christmas tree on a whim - I saw someone post about King of Christmas on IG and I've always wanted a super flocked tree so I ordered it! Oliver always veto'd the flocked tree, but now that he's seen it in person he loves it. THIS is why I don't ask his opinion, he usually ends up loving whatever I pick so why argue about it beforehand? 

I like the flocked because you don't have to add a lot of decor to make it look pretty. I got the 8 ft prelit one and paid 364 - linked here. It shipped in a day, for free, they also had a coupon added at checkout. The quality it awesome! I think I'll go back and buy the matching garland for the stairs.


Update on those Baby Muscles.

It's been a while since I've updated about my diet and workouts etc. For most of the summer I upped my calories to around 2200/daily - but that included a lot more drinking, mindless snacking by the pool, and just general summer living. I gained about 4-5 pounds which was totally fine - kept up my workouts as much as possible, but a lot of rehabbing around my left knee. I had my 2nd surgery on it the beginning of June. Being more lax for a few months is not a bad thing - mental breaks are needed! I was still happy with how I looked in a swimsuit.

Now that summer is over and the air is crisper I'm feeling more motivated to get myself a bit leaner. I struggle with wanting to be lean, but also eating for performance. I like to go hard at the gym and it's harder for me to keep that up when I'm eating in a deficit. So I just lowered my calories a bit to see what happened. Currently I'm eating 165 carbs / 54 fat / 150 protein. - but I do have 1 day a week I eat whatever I want for a meal, even if it doesn't fit. Usually a burger! I am still using PoppyLocks.com to set my macros. 

I only weigh myself like once a month because really that doesn't tell you much. I'm also only doing BF testing like 1-2 a year - maybe. My goals can't be about numbers that have minimal change - my goals are about what I can do. Getting stronger - getting faster - working on my form. That is something that everyone can do no matter how long you've been lifting. I'm relatively new to the CF world so I still have tons of things to work on, which is actually great - always something new to focus on!

I'm doing Crossfit about 6 days a week and I'm running 1x a week. I do extra weight lifting after Crossfit Class - I've been using the Smolov Program to increase my back squat and overhead press. My left leg is finally feeling about 90% and I'm determined to hit a 200 back squat finally! I use the free app in the iTunes store - you put in your 1 rep max for whatever lift and it spits out a program for you to follow. 

146 pounds vs 148 pounds

There are lots of ways to lose weight, there is not right or wrong way because different things work for different people. On the left I was pure cardio and keeping my calories as low as possible. It worked, I was 146 pounds. Was it sustainable for me to do 2 hours of cardio a day forever?? No. Mostly because my knee just can't taking the constant pounding from running like it used to, but I also just mentally became bored with my routine. I wasn't challenged. So I went looking for something new and found it in Crossfit. Blah blah blah - you all know how much I love it, but it really was a Godsend when I needed it most. 

My body has completely changed - I'm so much tougher than I even realized. Not like throw a 100 pounds over my head tougher {cause you saw how well that went today on IG} but what I can mentally push myself to do. I CAN push myself past the point of 'I think I might die' and I actually kinda love it {once I recover that is}.  When someone else is pushing you I think you learn a great deal more about yourself and what you are capable of. 

Plus the muscles, those are a great added bonus. 


This Season of Life.

Last year you guys were so great with all the advice after I shared that Madison was struggling in school. We are having a much better year in our new district, we definitely made the right decision to move to a new school. We still are having some difficulty in a few areas and after another conference with her teacher we are gong to do some more testing for dyslexia. 

I had serious Mommy guilt after the last conference - her teacher brought up note taking and said that Madison had a very difficult time taking notes off the board or projector. I noticed this while we studied her spelling words, I laid the paper in front of her and had her copy the words onto flash cards. She copied some of the words incorrectly and I became frustrated with her because I thought she was just being sloppy. Apparently it's called tracking and it's very hard for her. 

Finding quiet reading time is a challenge around here - Aiden is like her little shadow and it's hard to keep them apart because she also refuses to stay in a room alone with the door closed. Sigh. I used to read for hours and hours - after having children I can't even get into 1 book before I'm interrupted and  realize I've reread the same page several times.  Look at this face though, he's impossible to be upset with and he just loves his sister.

This season of life is my favorite so far - no changing diapers, no worrying about fertility, getting tons of sleep every night. Oliver and I are both happy with our careers, we enjoy our lives together, and it's just a very calm time in our lives. Settled. Happy. Perfect - no. We argue, we have daily stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Heck - parenting on a daily basis will take it out of you, but just a feeling of being content is nice.

My least favorite question is: Where do you see yourself if 10 years? 

Heck if I know - 10 years ago I would not have imagined ONE SINGLE THING that is my world today.  I guess I just like to be surprised by life.


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