Yeah, I run.

I was so bummed when they canceled Madison's soccer games Saturday - it was finally a cool, crisp morning and I was really looking forward to sipping my coffee while yelling at her on the field. It rained pretty much all day Friday and the fields were still too wet to play on. So I was forced to go to the gym. Sitting around watching TV or cleaning the house is not how I like to spend my mornings, might as well sweat. I swear the days I don't workout I'm SO TIRED, like hey I got a solid 10 hours last night but I might die if I don't get a nap in today. It's weird. I feel better and eat better when I get a bit of a workout in. 

I'm slowly increasing my running. I started by just running bleachers, then I added in a mile on the track, now I'm doing bleachers to warm up and doing 2 miles after. I'm also doing 5 miles one morning a week. I'm about 4 months out from my last knee surgery, bless it's hard to be patient while I get my strength back! My entire left leg atrophied while I recovered, so while my knee doesn't hurt all the things connected to it are sore - quad, hamstring, calf, ankle, and hip. I'm a pro stretcher and I ice down after every workout. I go get adjusted regularly too - best thing for my hips to my ankles.

Fall puts me in the mood for protein pancakes! Oliver thought he was being nice by brining me Pumpkin Spice Oreos so I'm putting them to good use - one at a time. I threatened his life if he brought home the Cookie Butter Oreos - I hear they are the best ones yet. Best if I don't know what they taste like, then I can't think about them.

I make a batch of pancakes and split them up for 2 days. recipe from Poppy Locks.

40g oat flour
15g coconut flour
92g egg whites
90g almond milk
14g protein powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Her ebook has tons of topping ideas - I'm doing easy with some pumpkin yogurt and truwhip with an oreo.

I decided for meal prep this week to cut up my chicken, toss it with the truffle rub, and bake it at 375 until it reached 165 degrees. Then I split it up into 5 containers with Trader Joes Fire Roasted Veggies and spaghetti squash - I heat and top with goat cheese for lunch. So easy and tasty!! 

If you haven't tried this Truffled Rub yet you should - I'm not sponsored by them in any way - they just literally have the best seasoning! I've been using it every week for a long time now and it just tasted good in so many recipes. Highly recommend if you have an aversion to chicken. They do charge shipping, but I just order bulk so I don't have to order very often. 

These crazy kids went swimming, it was barely mid 80's. Nuts. Poor little Aiden's lips turned blue, but he was determined to hang with his sister. Aiden has tons of energy lately - he's always jumping, yelling, running, playing, or something. I miss little girls who play quietly with dolls. He comes home from Papa's house {my dad} and smells like a boy, dirt everywhere, and wild hair. I keep going back and forth on cutting his hair, it needs it, but CURLLLLLLLS. I'm shocked he is still so blonde, Oliver's hair was lighter when he was young, but I have a feeling Aiden might keep his blonde like his Mama. Not that it matters because he is Oliver 2.0 for sure - even when he talks or looks at you. 

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