Genetic Testing

How much do you know about your family history? My Mom was adopted as a baby with sealed birth records so we pretty much know nothing about her family medical history. I was laying in bed one night scrolling FB and being it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month there was an ad for a Color Kit.  

I ordered it on a whim and forgot about it until it showed up yesterday. It's a saliva test, you spit a few times in the container and ship it off for testing. You have to register your test online, you have the option to NOT share your sample for extra testing by 3rd parties. 

This is a very general test, but it got me thinking that maybe I should go and have in depth genetic testing done? Is this covered by insurance? Have any of you done it? I would just like to know if I'm at risk for certain cancers. I know I have comments turned off on the blog - but please leave me comment on FB or IG if you've done this, I'd love some feedback!

Just because, Aiden braved his first shower! 

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