For the Rest of Us.

Festivus is a Crossfit competition for 'the rest of us'  - you know that Seinfeld episode right? 95% of Crossfit athletes are novice and intermediate - it's NOTHING like what you watch on TV or even most of the athletes you see posting on IG - this is a competition geared for US. Nothing crazy, just good hard workouts that anyone can do. You get yourself a partner, hopefully practice a few times, and come on out for a beautiful Saturday of sweating. Only 1 gym for every 60 miles can host - we at Crossfit Lavon were lucky enough to be given that honor this year. 

Back in August when we went to the Crossfit Games in Madison, WI they had a MC and {after a few drinks} came up with the great idea that I should do it for our gym. I bought myself a mic for the house - gave a few spelling tests on it, did a giveaway with it on Periscope, and pretty much found my new calling in life.

As much as I love to workout I also love to cheer others on to be their best. I had THE BEST FREAKING TIME. I want to travel around and do it for every competition, hahaha. Is it too late to change my career path?? 

My sister competed for the first time, I was so proud of her! She deadlifted like a boss and never gave up - didn't have to yell at her once :) 

This guy KILLED IT. I am so stinking proud of him, he gave 100% every workout! He's not super competitive in our day to day workouts so it was pretty fun to see him turn it on and try to win. Him and his gym 'husband' , as I call him, came in 2nd in intermediate! This picture will be blown up and handed out to everyone for Christmas :) Erica caught the best moment, when you're leaving everything you have out on that floor. 

This is my gym family. This is why people are obsessed with Crossfit - the people. You see each other every day, your Facebook feed is filled with what they are doing, what they are lifting, what they are eating, and you love that shit. You celebrate their victories just as much as your own - sometimes it's even sweeter to see someone who's been working on something for a long time and they FINALLY get it. Putting on one of these events is a lot of work - our gym really pulled together for a perfect day of competing. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of Crossfit Lavon.

Joker Leggings found here.

I have my own competition coming up on Saturday. I challenged myself by signing up for the RX division - last year I did scaled at this same competition. Honestly I'm pretty dang nervous, but everything great I've ever done I've been scared to do first. I just keep reminding myself of that little fact. I know I won't win, but I really really don't want to puke or embarrasses myself in front of people. 

I also braved 8 miles on Saturday! I haven't run more than 8 in a very long time.

I felt amazing after, my hips were a little tight, but it's the best I've felt after a run in a long time. The weather is finally cooling off too - so it's time to get this half marathon training in gear. My poor spray tan was dripping off me, I applied the night before and waited to wash it off until after my run. I use the dark mousse from Loving Tan, the color is perfect and it stays on really well. 

One last tidbit - if you haven't had the Turkey Chili from Panera you should cause it's AMAZING. Hearty and filling, plus bread. Extra bread please. Perfect for those cold days coming soon! 

If you participated in Festivus I'd love to hear your experience!

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