25 Cents per Minute.

I wasn't going to decorate for Fall/Halloween this year - I just don't have areas of my house the way I want them and sometimes I feel like if it's not going to be the way I want it I just want to skip it all together. Well, my children had other feelings about the subject. I took the small one to the nursery and he had a blast helping to pick pumpkins, insisting to pull the heavy cart the entire time. 

The he placed them JUST SO on the porch, he tried to include some toy cars as the decor, but I told him just pumpkins. He's such a good helper, loves to clean and vacuum. 

The big kid spent her weekend crafting at Mimi's house, you can see why they love it over there, this mess would not be going down at my house. I shudder when they pull out markers and play doh.

She brought home all kinds of fun things, I let her hang them however she wanted in the foyer. It made her so happy and its just for a few weeks. My whole house doesn't have to be Pinterest worthy - I'm happy if the kitchen is clean and pretty. I don't ask for much.

We went shopping for an outfit for our Holiday pictures coming up - Dillards never fails for cute dresses for her age. We had lots of choices, but this blue one was just darling on her. We are going downtown for a more urban feel this year - so bright colors! 

Saturday was  a beautiful morning for a run, just a few miles around the gym before Crossfit class. My Crossfit is hosting Festivus this year and I'm so excited - it's like a Crossfit competition geared towards beginners. I'm not competing, but I am the MC {hence my microphone practice! LOL} but Oliver and my sister are both doing it. I love cheering as much as I love working out so it's going to be a really fun day.  This weekend last year I was doing my first CF competition, so I'm excited for my sister to experience one. 

Sunday I was forced to wash the hair, when it stands up on it's own Oliver starts to make comments. 

Midnight Garden Dress
Oliver and I were able to go to church alone - it was wonderful. Aiden was having a really hard time in the preschool room so my Dad let him come to service with us and now he wants to do it all the time. I can't keep him happy and quiet and listen to the sermon so it's been difficult. Oliver works on Sundays sometimes and Madison has soccer games - but I needed to hear it this weekend and it worked out. 

Finished the weekend with meal prep and a nice big fat juicy steak.

Meal prepping is much more fun when I add wine and foam rolling. I stretch and roll while I cook - two birds one stone. I guess I could be cleaning, but that's less fun.

I found the most awesome massager on Amazon - Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager. It's cordless, chargeable, and is really powerful. Book Fair is this week at Madison's school - she's adding up how much money she needs to earn to buy everything she wants, looks like a lot of massages for me! 

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