Blonde Hair Don't Care

I'm so glad last week is over, my calendar was packed full and I was dreading that week for the last month. We had to move up the Holiday photo shoot for OMB, so the purple hair had to go. She stripped the color out and toned it a bit - she didn't lift with blonde so my hair is still in really good shape.

I'm seriously loving this blonde, I'm sure my roots are going to pop out quickly so we will see how much work it is to maintain. I thought it might wash me out, but I'll just have to keep up that spray tan. I love being brave with my hair - it can really make you feel like a whole new woman. My pants are from OMB - they are crazy comfortable and perfect to lounge, then clean your house, run to HomeGoods, or go get a pedicure in. 

The shoot went great Friday night, we went out for a little girls dinner, these two were appalled I wasn't going to finish my mule so they did it for me. I honestly have the BEST friends, they are always so willing to help and we always just have a great time together.

Saturday I had my Crossfit competition - it was tough. I have never wanted to quit a workout so badly, the entire time I was working out I was planning ways I could just quit and tell them I couldn't finish. 

I love this picture because its EXACTLY how I felt in that moment, I love that everyone is ignoring me dying on the floor too. That's Crossfit. I never really knew what I was capable of {workout wise} until I did a competition, you just push yourself past that limit in your head. That's why I do them. 

This girl right here had NO CLUE that I could do any of the things I do now.

You get to a point in your journey that it can't be about your weight anymore or even fitting into smaller clothing. I had to keep myself going with new goals - for me it's about strength. I have so many new ways to measure progress - how much can I squat, how fast can I burpee, perfecting handstand pushups. None of this has anything to do with what I see in the mirror - but the bonus of it all is that I DO love what I see in the mirror. I see muscles that I worked hard to put on.

With that being said - the long road it's taken me to get here has taught me so many things, but the #1 key to success is food prep. The more you prepare the more likely you are to stay on track and it's SO much about the food. So much you guys. Spend that time on the weekend to make sure your week is easy and smooth. I make items I actually WANT to eat, I look forward to lunch every day. If you hate chicken and veggies then find something else. You don't have to eat fish and broccoli - unless you just really want to.

Here are my preps for the week.

Protein Pancakes {made a double batch} then I heat and top with Pumpkin Cream Cheese {they have other flavors, you could also use yogurts} I just fold in half and eat - super fast and perfect for a pre workout meal. 

Zucchini Lasagna. Reheats super yummy all week! I don't put the layer of cheese on top before baking - I just add Fat Free Mozzerella before I reheat each day. Need veggie chopper - link at bottom of post!

Dinner. I made a double batch of chili in my Instant Pot and also made chicken for an easy protein other nights.

HIGHLY suggest you get a Pro Vegetable Chopper because it's FASTER. EASIER. BETTER. FIXES YOUR LIFE. Plus it's $20 you can't beat that.


For the Rest of Us.

Festivus is a Crossfit competition for 'the rest of us'  - you know that Seinfeld episode right? 95% of Crossfit athletes are novice and intermediate - it's NOTHING like what you watch on TV or even most of the athletes you see posting on IG - this is a competition geared for US. Nothing crazy, just good hard workouts that anyone can do. You get yourself a partner, hopefully practice a few times, and come on out for a beautiful Saturday of sweating. Only 1 gym for every 60 miles can host - we at Crossfit Lavon were lucky enough to be given that honor this year. 

Back in August when we went to the Crossfit Games in Madison, WI they had a MC and {after a few drinks} came up with the great idea that I should do it for our gym. I bought myself a mic for the house - gave a few spelling tests on it, did a giveaway with it on Periscope, and pretty much found my new calling in life.

As much as I love to workout I also love to cheer others on to be their best. I had THE BEST FREAKING TIME. I want to travel around and do it for every competition, hahaha. Is it too late to change my career path?? 

My sister competed for the first time, I was so proud of her! She deadlifted like a boss and never gave up - didn't have to yell at her once :) 

This guy KILLED IT. I am so stinking proud of him, he gave 100% every workout! He's not super competitive in our day to day workouts so it was pretty fun to see him turn it on and try to win. Him and his gym 'husband' , as I call him, came in 2nd in intermediate! This picture will be blown up and handed out to everyone for Christmas :) Erica caught the best moment, when you're leaving everything you have out on that floor. 

This is my gym family. This is why people are obsessed with Crossfit - the people. You see each other every day, your Facebook feed is filled with what they are doing, what they are lifting, what they are eating, and you love that shit. You celebrate their victories just as much as your own - sometimes it's even sweeter to see someone who's been working on something for a long time and they FINALLY get it. Putting on one of these events is a lot of work - our gym really pulled together for a perfect day of competing. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of Crossfit Lavon.

Joker Leggings found here.

I have my own competition coming up on Saturday. I challenged myself by signing up for the RX division - last year I did scaled at this same competition. Honestly I'm pretty dang nervous, but everything great I've ever done I've been scared to do first. I just keep reminding myself of that little fact. I know I won't win, but I really really don't want to puke or embarrasses myself in front of people. 

I also braved 8 miles on Saturday! I haven't run more than 8 in a very long time.

I felt amazing after, my hips were a little tight, but it's the best I've felt after a run in a long time. The weather is finally cooling off too - so it's time to get this half marathon training in gear. My poor spray tan was dripping off me, I applied the night before and waited to wash it off until after my run. I use the dark mousse from Loving Tan, the color is perfect and it stays on really well. 

One last tidbit - if you haven't had the Turkey Chili from Panera you should cause it's AMAZING. Hearty and filling, plus bread. Extra bread please. Perfect for those cold days coming soon! 

If you participated in Festivus I'd love to hear your experience!


Genetic Testing

How much do you know about your family history? My Mom was adopted as a baby with sealed birth records so we pretty much know nothing about her family medical history. I was laying in bed one night scrolling FB and being it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month there was an ad for a Color Kit.  

I ordered it on a whim and forgot about it until it showed up yesterday. It's a saliva test, you spit a few times in the container and ship it off for testing. You have to register your test online, you have the option to NOT share your sample for extra testing by 3rd parties. 

This is a very general test, but it got me thinking that maybe I should go and have in depth genetic testing done? Is this covered by insurance? Have any of you done it? I would just like to know if I'm at risk for certain cancers. I know I have comments turned off on the blog - but please leave me comment on FB or IG if you've done this, I'd love some feedback!

Just because, Aiden braved his first shower! 


25 Cents per Minute.

I wasn't going to decorate for Fall/Halloween this year - I just don't have areas of my house the way I want them and sometimes I feel like if it's not going to be the way I want it I just want to skip it all together. Well, my children had other feelings about the subject. I took the small one to the nursery and he had a blast helping to pick pumpkins, insisting to pull the heavy cart the entire time. 

The he placed them JUST SO on the porch, he tried to include some toy cars as the decor, but I told him just pumpkins. He's such a good helper, loves to clean and vacuum. 

The big kid spent her weekend crafting at Mimi's house, you can see why they love it over there, this mess would not be going down at my house. I shudder when they pull out markers and play doh.

She brought home all kinds of fun things, I let her hang them however she wanted in the foyer. It made her so happy and its just for a few weeks. My whole house doesn't have to be Pinterest worthy - I'm happy if the kitchen is clean and pretty. I don't ask for much.

We went shopping for an outfit for our Holiday pictures coming up - Dillards never fails for cute dresses for her age. We had lots of choices, but this blue one was just darling on her. We are going downtown for a more urban feel this year - so bright colors! 

Saturday was  a beautiful morning for a run, just a few miles around the gym before Crossfit class. My Crossfit is hosting Festivus this year and I'm so excited - it's like a Crossfit competition geared towards beginners. I'm not competing, but I am the MC {hence my microphone practice! LOL} but Oliver and my sister are both doing it. I love cheering as much as I love working out so it's going to be a really fun day.  This weekend last year I was doing my first CF competition, so I'm excited for my sister to experience one. 

Sunday I was forced to wash the hair, when it stands up on it's own Oliver starts to make comments. 

Midnight Garden Dress
Oliver and I were able to go to church alone - it was wonderful. Aiden was having a really hard time in the preschool room so my Dad let him come to service with us and now he wants to do it all the time. I can't keep him happy and quiet and listen to the sermon so it's been difficult. Oliver works on Sundays sometimes and Madison has soccer games - but I needed to hear it this weekend and it worked out. 

Finished the weekend with meal prep and a nice big fat juicy steak.

Meal prepping is much more fun when I add wine and foam rolling. I stretch and roll while I cook - two birds one stone. I guess I could be cleaning, but that's less fun.

I found the most awesome massager on Amazon - Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager. It's cordless, chargeable, and is really powerful. Book Fair is this week at Madison's school - she's adding up how much money she needs to earn to buy everything she wants, looks like a lot of massages for me! 


Yeah, I run.

I was so bummed when they canceled Madison's soccer games Saturday - it was finally a cool, crisp morning and I was really looking forward to sipping my coffee while yelling at her on the field. It rained pretty much all day Friday and the fields were still too wet to play on. So I was forced to go to the gym. Sitting around watching TV or cleaning the house is not how I like to spend my mornings, might as well sweat. I swear the days I don't workout I'm SO TIRED, like hey I got a solid 10 hours last night but I might die if I don't get a nap in today. It's weird. I feel better and eat better when I get a bit of a workout in. 

I'm slowly increasing my running. I started by just running bleachers, then I added in a mile on the track, now I'm doing bleachers to warm up and doing 2 miles after. I'm also doing 5 miles one morning a week. I'm about 4 months out from my last knee surgery, bless it's hard to be patient while I get my strength back! My entire left leg atrophied while I recovered, so while my knee doesn't hurt all the things connected to it are sore - quad, hamstring, calf, ankle, and hip. I'm a pro stretcher and I ice down after every workout. I go get adjusted regularly too - best thing for my hips to my ankles.

Fall puts me in the mood for protein pancakes! Oliver thought he was being nice by brining me Pumpkin Spice Oreos so I'm putting them to good use - one at a time. I threatened his life if he brought home the Cookie Butter Oreos - I hear they are the best ones yet. Best if I don't know what they taste like, then I can't think about them.

I make a batch of pancakes and split them up for 2 days. recipe from Poppy Locks.

40g oat flour
15g coconut flour
92g egg whites
90g almond milk
14g protein powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Her ebook has tons of topping ideas - I'm doing easy with some pumpkin yogurt and truwhip with an oreo.

I decided for meal prep this week to cut up my chicken, toss it with the truffle rub, and bake it at 375 until it reached 165 degrees. Then I split it up into 5 containers with Trader Joes Fire Roasted Veggies and spaghetti squash - I heat and top with goat cheese for lunch. So easy and tasty!! 

If you haven't tried this Truffled Rub yet you should - I'm not sponsored by them in any way - they just literally have the best seasoning! I've been using it every week for a long time now and it just tasted good in so many recipes. Highly recommend if you have an aversion to chicken. They do charge shipping, but I just order bulk so I don't have to order very often. 

These crazy kids went swimming, it was barely mid 80's. Nuts. Poor little Aiden's lips turned blue, but he was determined to hang with his sister. Aiden has tons of energy lately - he's always jumping, yelling, running, playing, or something. I miss little girls who play quietly with dolls. He comes home from Papa's house {my dad} and smells like a boy, dirt everywhere, and wild hair. I keep going back and forth on cutting his hair, it needs it, but CURLLLLLLLS. I'm shocked he is still so blonde, Oliver's hair was lighter when he was young, but I have a feeling Aiden might keep his blonde like his Mama. Not that it matters because he is Oliver 2.0 for sure - even when he talks or looks at you. 


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