Weekend Warriors

After our Saturday morning workouts, soccer for her and CF for me, we rinsed off and got dressed. She was so excited for the art party Mimi was having at her house for friends, she picked out this outfit a week in advance. She's pretty obsessed with a cold shoulder and her new booties. I took her to Kohls for some dressier shoes - legit had to shop the women's area. I can't believe she can almost wear the same size as me! My dress is from OMB - my shoes are the wool ones that I'm obsessed with from All Birds.

Oliver and I dropped her off at the party and headed to Trader Joes for our monthly run, but first lunch at Rockfish. They had a new salad with sweet potato, it was good, but not as good as the other one that has spinach and orzo! We've been listening to Podcasts tougher in the car, just finished Serial season 1 {Adnan totally did it!} I've tried to get into S-Town but it's not grabbing my interest, I'm going to give it another episode before I give up. I felt the same was about Shameless on Netflix and now I can't stop watching before bed. 

It's my favorite time of year at TJ's - PUMPKIN SEASON. They have the best selection of all things pumpkin included cookies, cinnamon rolls, 'poptarts', pasta, pasta sauce, macaroons, ice cream, and coffee. Whew. Hard to choose, but some items just would never fit into my macros - like the cinnamon rolls at 51c EACH, y'all know I'd need 2. Also the butternut squash mac and cheese is SOOOOO GOOD. 

I did treat myself to a cookie box, they are good, but not so good I'll eat them all in 2 days. NOW the same can't be said for the stupid bags of Cheeto Puff things that are reduced guilt there, seriously my weakness. I love crunch and chips and cheese. Uhhhhh. 

Sunday we spent working out, food prepping, and cleaning. I'm between cleaning services and I have had to suck it up and do it myself. Well actually I split it with Oliver, had to have a heart to heart with him about how we BOTH have to help. He prefers to do things like dishes and laundry so I do the bathrooms and floors. Madison is old enough to actually be helpful, as long as I let her blare her music through the Alexa. Sure we can listen to Descendants AGAIN if you vacuum the floor.

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