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Friday to Sunday you can pretty much find me in joggers or leggings, we just got them in at OMB and I've been wearing on repeat. Real pants are overrated, especially on the weekend. I realized I don't even have a pair of heels in my closet, I DID finally try a pair of wool sneakers from All Birds. BOMBBBBBB! They run a tad small, but were honestly so comfortable and my feet didn't sweat at all in them despite it being 90 degrees! 

Top found here.

I got the olive green, perfect for Fall! I would size up a half size though if you're in-between. 

The real reason I'm here is to share my latest and greatest food prepping meals {so when I get 75 DM's asking I can say check the blog!!}

You NEED this - it's $20 bucks and easy to use - Pro Vegetable Chopper by Müeller

I {or Madison!} chop up any veggie I might need to cook a meal with, making it super fast and easy to cook dinner. 

Like this zucchini lasagna - I've been making this for a few weeks and it's kid approved. I use fat free cheese and turkey, but you could use any meat and cheese you like. It also reheats REALLY well for lunches!

This week I did spiral my sweet potato for a bake, the noodle cook faster in the oven. 

This is saved on my Paprika app, it saves your recipes from online to an easy to read format. No more scrolling a blog post to find the ingredients and directions!!!! Seriously you need it. I say that a lot, but whatever makes life easier - right>! I only wish it had a share feature so I could let you all see my recipes! 

I used sausage on here and fat free cheese, we are having this again tonight and just looking at this picture is making me hungry. 

I am still counting macros, but not trying to lose weight - trying to gain muscle, still. It's hard. My body likes to gain fat, not muscle. It's annoying. I wanted to quit, a few times. I'm sticking to it though. I went up a little too fast on my reverse, so I backed off a little bit to let myself even out. I haven't weighed in a while, cause that's overrated too. Anyways - I hit a pr on my back squat today which is not bad considering I'm still working my left leg back to 100%. I REALLY wanted to get 200, but 195 is a solid effort and there is always next time. 

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