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Seriously, I have purple hair and a velvet shirt on, do you think other peoples opinions bother me? Not one bit. 8 years of blogging and having every mean thing imaginable being said about me has toughened me up, not in a bad way, but I'm not sitting at home crying because not every likes me. I see that as maybe one of the best qualities about myself. 

Does it wear on me somedays, you bet. Then I just step back a little bit until I'm feeling more clear headed. It never fails to amaze me that the same childish problems come around AGAIN AND AGAIN when you have a group of women who see each other. 

I'm pretty much the definition of extra. I am loud, I laugh a lot, I cheer loudly - that's just who I am. Always have been. One thing I am not is mean, even when I want to be standoffish to someone I have a hard time because I don't want to hurt their feelings. 

At my last job I learned that not everyone is going to like me - there was a girl there who just downright did. not. like. me. Was it anything I did to her? No. She didn't like how talkative I was with our boss, me being friendly in her eyes was sucking up to him. She took offense to every joke I made, I was pretty upset about it for a while because it seemed unfair, but I can't control if other people like me. I was super nice to her everyday, greeting her and complimenting her outfit or something. I acted like nothing was wrong and went about my business as usual. 

In typical mean girl fashion she did what they all do - she talked bad about me to co-workers to get them on her side. Power in numbers I guess. 

The point of this story is that I stay away from people who gossip about others. I learned to always form my OWN damn opinion about people. There will always be people who don't like you and if they happen to be women you can be certain they are talking about you. Don't let others change you, I will not tone myself down to please anyone else. God and I both know my heart and truth about how I treat others, that's enough for me. 

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