And, I'm back.

For the first time in months I'm home alone, well Oliver is in his office, but he rarely comes out unless it's time to eat. Aiden started pre-school today, back to the same school he was in last year, he was not happy about it. He cried all through meet the teacher last week, but after watching an IG video of his BFF going to school {happily!} he started to get excited about it. 

Nope. Oliver told me he not only cried, but threw a fit. He just doesn't like people, like, at all. He takes so long to warm up to anyone - just recently started saying hi to one of the girls at Crossfit and we see her EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 1.5 years! 

This is his happy place, surrounded with toys and dogs. He's been asking for either a dog or a baby sister, I told him Aunt Katie is his best shot for either of those. 

Actually now that we have a fenced in yard and are home like all day long I could probably be talked into one, maybe. MAYBE. Plus that roomba does a bang up job vacuuming! Hard to say no to Aiden with his, pweasssse. 

This girl is LOVING her new school and so am I! A lot of the reason we moved was for them to be in a better school district, we are lucky that we didn't have to move far. She loves that she can wear whatever she wants every day, we haven't had a single argument about her outfits and she's dressed on time each morning. Granted I am letting her wear whatever she wants, but most days she asks my opinion before she leaves. 

I love that her teacher emailed me on the 5th day of school to update me on her progress with math, let me know exactly what to tell her tutors to focus on, and I didn't have to even request it. We have a really great routine going right now - she rides the bus to and from school - we spend evenings either at soccer or math tutoring and CF kids. 

I had a discussion with her doctor about her terrible sleeping habits and she told me to do a white noise machine {not like nature noises or waterfalls, but straight white noise} and if I felt like she needed it, melatonin. I was trying to steer clear of that because I heard it could be addictive, but she assured me it wasn't. I now give it to her nightly and her energy level is way up - she's waking up easily, not passing out after school and staying focused for math and soccer. Before she would wake up nightly and was exhausted after school. 

Now I'm off to pick up the bald one who now has hair and refuses to cut it. I plan to bribe him with ice cream and the park to not be mad that we dropped him at school. 

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