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Do you know the worst part about moving - changing everything in life. Insurance, DL, automatic payments, and your address with about a 100 different clothing vendors. 

Found out today that we actually DON'T have any homeowners insurance, got a call from our title company that our check was returned to them....maybe JUST MAYBE because it was due like a month ago! Somewhere within a span of a few day our mortgage was sold to a new company - our insurance was moved to a different company and I'm spending hours on the phone talking to people who have no answers for my questions. Whew. pour me a glass of wine, I just don't understand how this all works. Yes Jane just deposit the check in my escrow account, send me a bill, and call my mortgage company. They should have a class for this in school. 

In other news - every 8-10 year old girl wanting to be Mal should get this wig from Amazon! It's so cute and great quality for less than 20 bucks. I tired REAL HARD to get the kids to be something cute and matching, but alas they both had really strong opinions about what they wanted to dress up as. 

Aiden called me a butthole today. Told me 'you're not the boss of me'. He also said I'm the 'best Mommy ever'. He freaks out if I don't let me open the garage door and start the car. He insists on packing a bag full of cars and snacks every time we leave the house. His hair desperately needs a trim, but I just can't pull the trigger on those blonde sweaty curls. He randomly walks up and slaps me on the leg and yells out 'SLUG BUG' and there usually is one, he can spot them from 7 miles away. 

I did ask his preschool teachers if he was interacting with the other kids in class, he has 1 friend he plays with a lot at home, but other than that he seems to not like other people. He does a lot of growling when people talk to him or wanting to leave the playground if other people show up. They said he's totally fine and plays well with his classmates so I guess he's just like that around me. 

In all things Pumpkin news: This is my new favorite RX bar - the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor!!! Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt is a very close second. My gym ordered some, but you can find them online. Another fav is the Pumpkin cheerios I stock up on at Target. 

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