Struggle Bus

I've been on the STRUGGLE BUS so hard the last week or so. Too much adulting, trying too hard to do all the things every day. Last weekend with the OMB super stressful show, then Sunday we had a big scare with one of the kids and it literally took everything out of me. You know when you have a close call it's like every emotion comes to the surface and afterward I could barely function. Then we had the house staged and put on the market.

Having your house staged is a GREAT idea, but damn they came in like a whirlwind and it was like all of the sudden the house wasn't ours anymore. Pulling all the baby pictures off the walls was sad. Keeping my house spotless is a daily struggle, no toys allowed inside! We ended up with 5 showings over the weekend, no offers yet, but we have 2 more showings tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

We had family fly into town for the weekend, which is fun but exhausting. We spent Saturday at the Speedway and got up close and personal with the race cars. Aiden of course loved it, but not getting home until 10 was rough.

Then Sunday we drove back out to Grapevine for the vintage railroad ride to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The kids loved it, if you've never gone I highly recommend trying it.

We are a month out from moving, I can do 30 days, or so I keep repeating to myself. I'm ready for school to be done, soccer to be done, and moving to be done. I'm very much looking forward to settling in our new home and spending time with the kids by the pool!  

I'm headed back to the doctor today to schedule more knee surgery, praying this will get me back on track. I have good and bad days with this stupid knee. I KNOW I said I wouldn't sign up for any more races until I could run again, BUT the Disney Princess Half for next year came out today and a few friends are running it so I GOT IN! I'm super excited, even if I have to walk-jog the thing!

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