Must Try $15 Beauty Item!

This oil has done AMAZING things for my skin, when I went out of town for 3 days I left it at home and could tell a huge difference in the way my makeup sat on my skin. Plus it's LESS than $15 bucks.  Rosehip Oil helps to improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. I tend to have slightly oily skin and usually shy away from oil {also because I wear lash extensions} but I've been unsung this for months now and I'm obsessed! I use it morning and nights after washing. Linked here - Rosehip Oil for Face, Nails, Hair and Skin.

While we are talking about beauty let me just update you on my microblading. I waited about 2 months before going back to have my second session, mostly just because I kept forgetting to make an appointment and my girl Jewels Artistry who is booked cause she's freaking amazing.  You guysssssss - I'm so glad I did it! They are fuller and fit my face better, I had a regrettable scar from an eyebrow ring that hair never grew over and now you can't even tell. I spend less time doing makeup, with the lashes and brows I don't feel like I even need eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Most days I throw on foundation {BECCA Ultimate Coverage }, blush {NARS Orgasm}, and my favorite lipsense color Dark Pink!

Ok, this is another favorite things of mine - a menstrual cup. I was all ewww that's gross, they have to be messy, and other such nonsense. I bought 2 different ones to try, the Diva Cup and the Blossom Menstrual Cup. I originally bought them to give support for my lady parts during heavy lifting at the gym {works really well for that!} but honestly once I gave them a go during my cycle I will never ever go back to tampons. They are easier in and out, less messy, and I don't have to carry tampons around with me anymore. I legit can leave the cup in for most of the day and never have to check on it.

At first it seemed difficult to insert, but if I get them wet first and fold it the way the instruction say it's easy. They do sell disposable ones at the grocery store too, but I like the 2 brands I am using now.

What are some of your favorite beauty items? I try most of my stuff from recommendation so please leave me a comment on FB if you're obsessed with something I should try!

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