Life Lately.

This meme is my favorite, whenever I'm feeling just overwhelmed with life I look at this and laugh. It embodies exactly how I'm feeling. 

Still showing the house, almost daily. I've only gotten feedback like 'love the house, love the decor' but only one low offer so far. Sigh. I do feel better now that I know we can push back our closing date if needed, we may not make the 6/7 deadline. 

I'm living on bare minimums as far as food goes - chicken, salmon, and tuna. Add chips, rice, veggies and I've got a meal, usually on a paper plate.

Oliver loved this combo last night {I used low fat butter} and you can bake at 425 for about 15 minutes if you don't have the Instant Pot. I made jasmine rice and asparagus on the side. Plus you can get a huge salmon at Costco for like 25 bucks and it will make 3-4 meals for us! 

A while ago I had bluebonnet pictures of the kids made, we do it every year, Katie happened to be with me so we did a corny one for my Mom. Then we had a canvas made for Mother's day.

She has the cutest wall hangings all over her house!

Baby Aiden is finishing up preschool for the year, last week is the last week already! We are planning a low key summer, no camps, no family vacation. We do plan to spend a lot of time swimming and hopefully that means a lot of time napping for them. We will continue with Madison's soccer and math tutoring which is why we decided to forgo the Y camp this year. I highly recommend YMCA camp if you're looking for one, they are affordable and keep the kids busy all day. I just think our summer funds are better spent on math tutoring for her, she'll be STAR testing next year and I want her to be as caught up as possible. Mathnasium has a slightly different summer program, so they will do things to make it fun for the kids, but she enjoys going anyways so I'm not too worried about burnout. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned on here that we switched from Kumon to Mathnasium, but I'm SO GLAD we did. Her grades have shot up since we've made the move, I think the difference is that they cover ALL the things she's struggling with not just a part of it like at Kumon. If you're curious we were paying 100/month at Kumon and Mathnasium is 260/month. I don't love the fact that you pay for 6 days a week even if you can't go that often, I wish they had a cheaper 3 day a week option. I think even 5 days is a lot of extra work for an 8 year old and I don't want her to start to hate math. 

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