Mini House Tour

Just a little iPhone tour of the new house! We had our final walk through and will officially close on the 16th. 

Split garages - one is a 2 car and one is a single. I call the big one cause I'm terrible at parking. 

Front door and my favorite spot - the 'mudroom' area with the built ins for jackets and shoes. Both of my children have an abundance of both thanks to an Oma who thinks they outgrow them monthly :)

Entry way.

To the right is Oliver office, lots of light!

Right past that is the laundry room, we also have enough room for our extra fridge {aka the chicken fridge!}.

Then we go past the stairs to the living room/kitchen.

Across from the laundry room is the 'dining' room which will be used for more of a family office/homework area.

Living Room - still need to get a mantle made.

Kitchen - absolutely love that we were able to get dark lowers and white uppers! Not a fan of the fixtures, but I'll wait until we move in to order any I just can't decide when I'm not living there and seeing it every day.

My kitchen gets lots of natural light and has the cutest little window seat to the right. Just need to find the perfect table!

Quartz counters - dark grey Blanco sink.

Master. Double the windows I have now which I love but going to be a small fortune to shade/curtain them all.

Masterbath. I was a bit worried about the dark grey flooring, but with the white cabinets I think it turned out great!

I am also pretty excited about a shower seat! We have the smallest little shower now and it's like upgrading to a king size bed for the first time LOL You'll never want to go back!

The house backs up to a greenbelt so our fence is not a privacy fence, Oliver is afraid everyone will see him naked so we need to get blinds asap. 

I'll continue with the upstairs another day!


Paint: Sherwin Williams agreeable grey
Kitchen Counter: Quartz Lusso
Cabinet Colors Sherwin Williams Extra White and Mindful Grey
Backsplash : Interceramic Marble Mosaic {contemporary blend lantern}Bath
Masterbath floor: Interceramic Habitat Smoke 12x12


Life Lately.

This meme is my favorite, whenever I'm feeling just overwhelmed with life I look at this and laugh. It embodies exactly how I'm feeling. 

Still showing the house, almost daily. I've only gotten feedback like 'love the house, love the decor' but only one low offer so far. Sigh. I do feel better now that I know we can push back our closing date if needed, we may not make the 6/7 deadline. 

I'm living on bare minimums as far as food goes - chicken, salmon, and tuna. Add chips, rice, veggies and I've got a meal, usually on a paper plate.

Oliver loved this combo last night {I used low fat butter} and you can bake at 425 for about 15 minutes if you don't have the Instant Pot. I made jasmine rice and asparagus on the side. Plus you can get a huge salmon at Costco for like 25 bucks and it will make 3-4 meals for us! 

A while ago I had bluebonnet pictures of the kids made, we do it every year, Katie happened to be with me so we did a corny one for my Mom. Then we had a canvas made for Mother's day.

She has the cutest wall hangings all over her house!

Baby Aiden is finishing up preschool for the year, last week is the last week already! We are planning a low key summer, no camps, no family vacation. We do plan to spend a lot of time swimming and hopefully that means a lot of time napping for them. We will continue with Madison's soccer and math tutoring which is why we decided to forgo the Y camp this year. I highly recommend YMCA camp if you're looking for one, they are affordable and keep the kids busy all day. I just think our summer funds are better spent on math tutoring for her, she'll be STAR testing next year and I want her to be as caught up as possible. Mathnasium has a slightly different summer program, so they will do things to make it fun for the kids, but she enjoys going anyways so I'm not too worried about burnout. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned on here that we switched from Kumon to Mathnasium, but I'm SO GLAD we did. Her grades have shot up since we've made the move, I think the difference is that they cover ALL the things she's struggling with not just a part of it like at Kumon. If you're curious we were paying 100/month at Kumon and Mathnasium is 260/month. I don't love the fact that you pay for 6 days a week even if you can't go that often, I wish they had a cheaper 3 day a week option. I think even 5 days is a lot of extra work for an 8 year old and I don't want her to start to hate math. 


Running a Boutique - Updates!

This post has been forever in getting done, I'm sorry! You can watch my video from last year here on how I got started. I'll attempt to cover all the same bases with update now that I'm nearing the 2 year anniversary of Ollie Marie Boutique!

Website: I am still using Shopify, the middle plan from above. I haven't been able to make the commitment to the bigger plan because that's a huge price jump and really the benefits are in things like running reports and having someone assigned to your account to help you if you need it. I've had to call Shopify a few times for emergencies - once when my domain didn't renew on a freaking Saturday while I was headed to Great Wolf Lodge with my family. Talk about stressful, but I was able to get someone on the phone and get it fixed so I have to say I've been pretty happy with the level of customer service I've been getting with my plan. 

Reporting does suck with this plan though, for example it's impossible for me to pull a report on items I've refunded as damaged. I did come across an app called Deep Mine that should solve this problem for me and it's a very small fee to install.

I've said this before, but Shopify does have some great features and some areas that are hard to use. For example updating a collection - you can't choose multiple items at once, you have to take each one out one by freaking one. 

Last year Instagram changed their feed to a fancy algorithm just like Facebook - you can literally see the drop in my sales the month it happened. Killer. So what's a girl to do? Start giving them money so people who like my pages can see them. I am in no way a Facebook ad pro and I found a nifty little app that does the ads for me - Kit. 

Kit is $25 bucks a month and worth every penny! I connect with Kit on messenger and can easily create a FB ad from my phone in less than 2 minutes. Kit also will do Instagram ads, but I have noticed the return in sales on there is much smaller so I've been putting my money into FB. I went from spending maybe $50/month last year on FB ads to about $900/month.

My issue with this is that am I really finding new customers or am I just targeting people who would probably shop with my anyways? Hard to tell if I'm getting my money's worth. 

MailChimp has updated and I'm LOVING all the new features. I can easily make email to send out - now that it connects to my Shopify store I can search a product name and it will populate a price and link into my emailer - I used to spend way too much time manually putting everything in myself. MailChimp also will do FB ads, but I haven't tried that feature yet. They also such cool automation stuff that I have to learn about still. 

I've branched out and found some new models, I really like to have a variety of body types and sizes to show the clothing in, my average customer is between a M - XL. Pretty soon I'm going to have to find a new curvy model because Amber is killing it with macros and Crossfit and shrinking daily! I put an ad out on FB looking for someone which turned out really great for me. I said this in my first video, but pictures are very important and I think money is well spent on hiring someone to come take them for you so they are all uniform on your website. We will be moving locations soon and I can't take that plank wall with me so be on the lookout for a rebranding from us! New wall, new logo,  and updated website! I just happen to have a friend who is a BA at marketing and she's come up with a great new look for us :) It pays to have talented friends!

I'm still very happy with my Shipping Easy and I still order my bags and supplies from either Amazon or Upaknship.com I still offer free shipping, but spent over 50K in shipping costs last year alone! 

My goal this year was to do a few shows, my first was was less than stellar and I was left over with a ton of inventory, but I applied for a few more locally this year. I have faith that next time with go better! Once my house sells I plan on doing a Sip and Shop and since I'm moving it's open to all the people, if you'd like to come send me a FB message!

Working for yourself is a lot more stressful than anticipated - sales can be up and down. The business does not run itself, you have to work it daily and it's hard to take time off and not feel super guilty. Don't get me wrong there I love being home with my kids more, being able to take them where they need to go each day, but when we count on my income I definitely don't sleep as well at night. The Fall months were pretty slow for me, Spring has picked up thankfully. 

The longer I do this the easier it is to pick clothing, I've learned what my customers will and won't buy so it's less of a guessing game. I do add in the occasional risky item just to test it out, I didn't do any swimwear this year but I think I'll try it for next summer. 

Overall for last year I did well, the boutique covered what I was making at my HR job and allowed me to do something I loved and be home more with my family which was really my main goal. 

Let me know if you have questions, I'm sure I missed some in this post! skinnymeg@outlook.com or on Facebook.


Must Try $15 Beauty Item!

This oil has done AMAZING things for my skin, when I went out of town for 3 days I left it at home and could tell a huge difference in the way my makeup sat on my skin. Plus it's LESS than $15 bucks.  Rosehip Oil helps to improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. I tend to have slightly oily skin and usually shy away from oil {also because I wear lash extensions} but I've been unsung this for months now and I'm obsessed! I use it morning and nights after washing. Linked here - Rosehip Oil for Face, Nails, Hair and Skin.

While we are talking about beauty let me just update you on my microblading. I waited about 2 months before going back to have my second session, mostly just because I kept forgetting to make an appointment and my girl Jewels Artistry who is booked cause she's freaking amazing.  You guysssssss - I'm so glad I did it! They are fuller and fit my face better, I had a regrettable scar from an eyebrow ring that hair never grew over and now you can't even tell. I spend less time doing makeup, with the lashes and brows I don't feel like I even need eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Most days I throw on foundation {BECCA Ultimate Coverage }, blush {NARS Orgasm}, and my favorite lipsense color Dark Pink!

Ok, this is another favorite things of mine - a menstrual cup. I was all ewww that's gross, they have to be messy, and other such nonsense. I bought 2 different ones to try, the Diva Cup and the Blossom Menstrual Cup. I originally bought them to give support for my lady parts during heavy lifting at the gym {works really well for that!} but honestly once I gave them a go during my cycle I will never ever go back to tampons. They are easier in and out, less messy, and I don't have to carry tampons around with me anymore. I legit can leave the cup in for most of the day and never have to check on it.

At first it seemed difficult to insert, but if I get them wet first and fold it the way the instruction say it's easy. They do sell disposable ones at the grocery store too, but I like the 2 brands I am using now.

What are some of your favorite beauty items? I try most of my stuff from recommendation so please leave me a comment on FB if you're obsessed with something I should try!


Struggle Bus

I've been on the STRUGGLE BUS so hard the last week or so. Too much adulting, trying too hard to do all the things every day. Last weekend with the OMB super stressful show, then Sunday we had a big scare with one of the kids and it literally took everything out of me. You know when you have a close call it's like every emotion comes to the surface and afterward I could barely function. Then we had the house staged and put on the market.

Having your house staged is a GREAT idea, but damn they came in like a whirlwind and it was like all of the sudden the house wasn't ours anymore. Pulling all the baby pictures off the walls was sad. Keeping my house spotless is a daily struggle, no toys allowed inside! We ended up with 5 showings over the weekend, no offers yet, but we have 2 more showings tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

We had family fly into town for the weekend, which is fun but exhausting. We spent Saturday at the Speedway and got up close and personal with the race cars. Aiden of course loved it, but not getting home until 10 was rough.

Then Sunday we drove back out to Grapevine for the vintage railroad ride to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The kids loved it, if you've never gone I highly recommend trying it.

We are a month out from moving, I can do 30 days, or so I keep repeating to myself. I'm ready for school to be done, soccer to be done, and moving to be done. I'm very much looking forward to settling in our new home and spending time with the kids by the pool!  

I'm headed back to the doctor today to schedule more knee surgery, praying this will get me back on track. I have good and bad days with this stupid knee. I KNOW I said I wouldn't sign up for any more races until I could run again, BUT the Disney Princess Half for next year came out today and a few friends are running it so I GOT IN! I'm super excited, even if I have to walk-jog the thing!


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