Taking Ollie Marie on the Road!

I did my first show last weekend, it's a local one about 20 minutes from my house. Being this was my first time I had a ton of expenses - fixtures, canopies, signs {thanks to my friend GirlHobbs! She designed it for me!}, bins, pricing guns and tags, cash box, and a million kettle bells. Yes, kettle bells.  See Friday is was hot and sunny and we had a huge storm roll through overnight which led to a COLD AND WINDY Saturday. No one was in the mood to buy summer clothes, hats, and accessories when they are walking around with parkas on. 

Let me tell you - I owe Oliver 'hugs' whenever he wants for the next year! He got up at 4am with me {after barely any sleep from the hail coming down at 2am!} helped me set up in the wind, the person who had the spot next to me never showed so we took the brunt of the gusts and he had lots of times where he had to stand and hold it up. He stayed all day without complaint and I'm so grateful because it was really stressful and bitching would probably have sent me over the edge. I had to run to walmart to buy 200 bucks in kettle bells to tie the canopy down, actually worked really well. 

I'm so glad I got up early to curl my hair to stand out in the wind. You can find my denim joggers here, my top here, and my sunnies here. Overall I only did about half of what I expected, but it wasn't a total waste because I learned all kinds of things I would do differently!

1. To speed up checkout just put prices on everything and do a quick sale - searching for specific inventory was taking WAY too long and no one likes to stand in line when it's windy and cold. I used the Shopify POS system and LOVED it. The only problem I ran into was that the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack to plug in a credit swiper so I had to buy a bluetooth reader for about 80 bucks. 

2. I would have more signage! I only had a big one out front stating who we were and that we sold curvy sizes also, which I think was a great idea because a lot of boutiques only carry up to a large. I would do signs for deals - like $10 flip flips or sunglasses. 

3. I did take my LipSense and only kept out my testers - people will walk up and open colors which I would have to damage out so I kept live product under the table. 

4. I had people asking to try items on, but in the wind no way I could set up a dressing room, but if it's possible I sure would. 

I do plan to do more shows so I feel like I'll be more prepared next time, hopefully! Indoors would def be a lot easier!

All was right in the world when I found out my favorite restaurant now has FROZEN Moscow Mules!! Well that and 11 hours of deep sleep. 

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