Sipping on Sugar. Diet Bet. Recipes.

I made it through the election (with my parents and very opinionated FB friends), so who knew that a Unicorn drink would be the thing that was the line in the sand for me. 

I knew the risk of posting this picture online.

OMG, it's has 76g of sugar and you gave it to your kids?! 

Yup. Cause we know how to treat ourselves in moderation. We got talls - we shared - we had our fill and threw the rest away. It was a fun little way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. {don't worry we shared with Aiden too} We made up songs and cheers in the car about being unicorns and had a grand ole time sipping on that sugar. BTW I guess some places made it differently, but ours were pretty dang good.

But, seriously, the judgy people are too much for me. I hope they know that a can of coke, a gatorade, and a MILLION OTHER DRINKS have lots of sugar too. Sheesh. Killing my happy unicorn vibes. Honestly if there is one thing I can't tolerate in other people it's negativity - even if it's not directed to me. 

Now let's talk about food.

I know I mostly eat my chicken, but with the addition of the Instant Pot to my life I've been branching out and trying Salmon. It cooks in 10 minutes, is super yummy, and full of protein. I put mine over Cous Cous {get the fast cooking kind!} for an easy lunch. I bought this one from Walmart and I rarely shop there for meat, but it was preseasoned and quite tasty.

I made this Honey Garlic Brussel recipe the other night - it has soy sauce in it - Oliver flipped over how good it was, must try! Also if you haven't cooked a spaghetti squash in the IP you are missing out, it legit peeled like an egg.

Cardio dieting vs Weightlifting dieting. To be honest I'd take either one over my 'before' photo, but I'm pretty proud of those muscle cause I've worked really hard to build them.

I'm currently reverse dieting- I was in a 'fat loss' plan at around 1650ish calories. I've been adding 200 every few weeks and I'm at about 2000ish right now. I will keep that up through the summer, but checking in on my weight/measurements so I don't go overboard and start adding a bunch of fat. That's the problem when I move my calories up - I get lazy and start not being consistent with my numbers. To hold myself accountable I'm doing an after Labor Day Diet Bet - starts May 3.

We will have a month long accountability group on FB to share workouts, recipes, daily food logs, etc. The link to the FB group will be posted on the activity page of the Diet Bet a few days before the game begins! Keeping others acceptable helps me keep myself that way too!

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