Easter Weekend

This cracked me up because it's like a look into Oliver's soul {deep childhood love for Rottweilers} and trying to do the math from his never ending Easter celebration Sunday. 

To be fair we both ate a good meal, every time I have a single bite of dessert my Mom whips out her camera and asks 'does that fit your macros' Yes, it does Mom ;)

I can't be too mad at her, she whipped up some pretty awesome baskets for the children. She knows me too well, I don't want anymore candy or toys in the house, I'm all about DECLUTTERING right now. She even bought them each stuffed animals, ughhhhhhh THE WORST. I swear she does it to see my reactions LOL Deep down I'm probably just jealous I no longer get a basket.

The confetti filled eggs were a big hit, Aiden was so sweaty his stuck to his head for most of the day. Oliver refuses to let me cut his hair, I've trimmed the bottom, but he wants his curls to stay for as long as possible.

This is Oliver around the same age - I mean could they BE any more similar!? Hands in pockets, same hair, same smile. 

We are closing on the new house 6/7 which is like, so soon! I'm working on packing up rooms to show the house, it's exhausting for sure. I'm also gearing up for my first booth at a show for Ollie Marie this weekend. I've had to buy tents, fixtures, signs, bags, etc. Hopefully the weather is perfect and it's worth it. I'm kinda testing the waters with this to branch out a bit - if you're local I'd love to see you. It's in Rockwall - click here for info

I know I'm long overdue for a boutique update, but I just finished out my taxes and I'll do a post updating things that worked and didn't work for me thus far. If you have specific questions please let me know and I'll be happy to cover it in my post.

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