3 and 8

It's official - I have a 3 and 8 year old! The 3 year old now pees in a potty and the 8 year old said I'm "not cool enough" to be in her You Tube Videos. Then she called me "MOM" and I had to spank her little butt because I'm still "Momma" or 'Mommy'. She just work laughed me and ran off.

This one is a little parrot - literally ANYTHING you say can be repeated at any time. In the car the other day I called Oliver, who answered and pretended to only speak Spanish. I hung up on him and said 'that Daddy is acting dumb'. After thinking about it a second I said 'well, not dumb that's not a nice word, he's acting crazy' which lead to a conversation about what words weren't nice - Aiden asks 'what about damn bug?' [sigh.} I won't even say the other phrase that he asked because my Dad thought it would be funny. 

We skipped birthday parties this year and took the kids {plus two friends} to Great Wolf Lodge for a night. I will say it was so much fun for them both, even with a 5 year age gap. We could only go on the weekend so paid full price, I highly recommend shopping around for a better deal because it can be pricey. Someone told me if you book 6 months out you also can get a discount and I know Groupon has some too.

They keep the indoor waterpark about 85 degrees, but I like my water a bit warmer. I mostly hung out with the littles in the kiddy area, they were obsessed with the slides. Over and over and over again.

The big girls spent their time waiting in line for water slides and going round the lazy river. Let me tell you how much Aiden HATED the lazy river, he was terrified, mostly of the water splashing down in places.

The had other activities there as well, the arcade was fun, they also had some kind of quest with a sword that you run around the hotel and do things - I dunno about it because I didn't want the older girls running around by themselves. We did go to story time after dinner and the 9:30pm dance party which was really so much fun! 

After a pretty sleepless night tossing and turning and telling the girls to quit giggling and go to bed, we headed down for coffee and morning yoga. Then we hit the buffet before a few hours at the waterpark. Overall I'd say it was a great birthday and we'd go again, but an overnight is plenty of time. I think I'd go back in the summer when we could use the outdoor parts too.

And for those of you who've been around here since she was this big - thank you for sticking around! 

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