Our White House Update

I had a fantastic birthday week, nothing fancy, but I did get to eat some of my favorite Bundt Cake! {ok, 2! they are the small ones} I got a pedicure, Oliver got off work early and we went to the gym for the last workout for the Open. I have to say I'm glad it's over, it was like doing a competition every week and it's hard on your body. 

It was also my Dad's birthday week, luckily my Mom knows we need to celebrate with cake twice ;) 

We stopped by the new house for the weekly inspection and I almost died when I saw they installed my floors!!! I spent the bulk of our budget on the flooring, the builders gives us a 20K 'allowance' to use on upgrades and I used it completely on the tile. Having worked at a tile company it was REAL hard to spend that knowing I could get it so much cheaper, but I had to just bite the bullet because it's such a hassle to rip out something else and retile. So whatever, YOLO! 

I lost sleep over what color grout to use, everyone said white would be dirty fast, but I was worried a darker one would look dirty all the time, but it looks perfect! 

The tile is all over the bottom floor minus the bedrooms, this is Oliver's new office. He's pretty excited to have a view now and move out of the cramped bedroom he's in at our house. 

I CAN NOT WAIT for this cubby area, our house now doesn't have one and we use hooks in our very small laundry room and bags are over flowing, as are shoes, and coolers, etc. 

Dining room - haven't really decided on what to do in here since I don't really want a formal dining room. I thought maybe a family office space with a desk and computer for the kids to do homework etc. 

They also added my backsplash last week!! Totally forgot what I even picked, love it even more seeing it with my cabinets and countertops. It's like my Pinterest board came to life and I can't even believe that we are going to live here, I honestly feel so lucky and it seems surreal, I could cry tears of joy every time I walk in there. 

I really want to paint the kitchen a light blue/teal color - lots of grey happening so we need a splash of color. I also want to change the light fixtures, the ones they hung are too small. OMG and lets not forget I finally will have a walk in pantry!!! No more crap all over the counters!

We went with a darker tile in the masterbath and I was worried about how it would turn out, but I like it with the white cabinets. I'll update with the upstairs next week, they had too many people working up there for us to walk around.

We are taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a night next weekend to celebrate both of their birthdays! I'd love tips if you've been, it will be our first visit!

**I turned off blog comments, I don't like to police the negativity on here. I do love to hear from y'all on Facebook though! 

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