No Netflix and Chill

Top 5 reasons why there is no Netflix and Chill for Oliver this week.

1. My car registration has been out since November, he promised if I took it for inspection he'd drive the 45 minutes to get the registration. Still hasn't happened cause he's addicted to watching My 600 pound life every day for an hour before work. 

2. Our fridge kinda blew up when lightening struck the house a while ago - the ice maker on the door doesn't work. I adjusted to sticking my hand in the bucket every day {while ALWAYS dropping an ice cube on the floor leaving a puddle and having him yell at me.} It's like groundhog day around here. ANYWAYS the hose busted and sprayed the inside of the fridge with cold water. He legit left it for me to clean up. 

3. He's running around like a crazy person looking for his gym bag this morning. I'm like, dude I have no clue where you put your gym bag' He swears it was in his car, so for HOURS this morning he's going on and on about someone breaking into his car and stealing ONLY HIS GYM BAG. Sigh. He makes me get on amazon and order him knee and wrist braces. We get home and sure enough, it's in the back of his car. 

4. He bought Doritos at the grocery store. 

5. He let the stupid beeping go on and on for a week in a smoke detector, it was like I was the only one in the house who could hear it. I thought I was going crazy.

In case you don't follow me anywhere else but here - you must get yourself an Instant Pot!! I've made two meals out of it this week already, highly recommend. I have this one, Instant Pot 6qt. It's like the opposite of a slow cooker - it cooks items crazy fast. I love it because I can make a meal in one pot and there are less dishes, plus the metal pot inside pulls out and is not heavy - so I can put on my scale and weigh items as I add them! It cooks chicken in less than 10 minutes!!

The meal above is garlic honey chicken and carrots - Oliver raved about it! I served over jasmine rice.

You guys left me so many recipes to try, thank you! I'm planning on this for Saturday night: Carnitas. I've never cooked a pork butt soon this should be fun! I think a 4 pound roast should fit in my pot.

Ok - I'm really obsessed with these little Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls! They are like laced with crack {or the same additive they put in Doritos to make you keep eating them}, but a great snack dipped in some low cal yogurt!

They do sell one dipped in dark chocolate - DO NOT BUY THOSE. Maybe there was a snack accident, maybe someone ate them in two days.

Never Not Hungry Top

This shirt explains a lot. 


  1. I made the carnitas from skinny taste in the instant pot and they were fabulous!!

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  4. I'm also addicted to My 600 pound life! I binge watched it all day yesterday!


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