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Rewinding to 2 weeks ago because I'm so far behind, I went to Vegas overnight to shop a few vendors at Market who don't come to the Dallas show. I invited my 'internet' friend Aly, we've been blog buddies for years so it pretty much felt like we knew each other. She lives in Indy though, you may remember her blog if you've been around here a while  - Whoa_Aly :) We stayed at Ceasers {loved!} and it was my first time trying a Vegas buffet - holy cow. I loved it! It definitely was not like Lubys! 

Little baby Aiden turned 3. He's such a peculiar little child, hates to be dirty, not a fan of bugs, but pretty good with a ball - baseball, basketball, or soccer ball. Potty training has not gone well, he's fine actually on the pot but absolutely hates any type of underwear. He's on Spring break this week so we are gonna push a little harder. We are also going to take him out of his crib and turn it into a toddler bed.

He hates change, pretty badly. He already cried at Church yesterday because he had to go to the 3 year old room and play on the big boy toys - tough life. I need to get the potty and bed situation done now because pretty soon we will be moving.

The installed the trim, doors, and cabinets last week and are in the process of putting up the brick. I'm just waiting for out 60 day letter before I start packing stuff up. Well more like getting rid of everything I'm not taking with me. I seriously CAN'T WAIT to purge!!! 

Died over Madison's reaction to seeing where the construction workers are using the unfinished shower as a bathroom! 


  1. My best advice for moving (we have done it 6 times in 5 years of marriage albeit never with children) is to start purging now. I used to think I would purge "as we moved" but always ended up so overwhelmed that we ended up with countless totes at the end filled with the end stage stuff that I didn't have time to get through and just went into our new garage/basement/storage space. Even if on the weekend you go to wherever your storage area is and take care of just one box, that's one less box to go through when you are actually heavily involved in moving :)

    1. Agreed! I was just thinking the same thing. No need to wait until the last few weeks, making them even more stressful.

    2. THANK YOU!! I will start now!

  2. Boxer briefs might work for your son. That's one of the things that worked for us. I have 3 boys. Took 3 days to potty train the 2nd at 2.5 yrs old and 14 mos to potty train the 3rd at age 3. All kids are different. Best of luck.

  3. Have you tried the thicker undies?? Gerber makes them and you can buy them at Walmart. They are much better for the beginning because they are super soft. And I saw something called a door monkey on snapchat the other day and it's amazing if you have issues with him getting out of his toddler bed all the time! We didn't have that issue, but I know MOST people do, so thought I would share it.


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