I'm {Super-Fun}

5 things. 

1. I freaking LOVE these shoes and I got such a great deal that every time someone asks about them I say 'and I only paid 50 bucks!'  :: I could only find the men's for sale online HERE, but size down and get you a pair! 

2. My Crossfit girls are the best and had the PERFECT shirt made for my birthday!! It's my favorite saying when we are working out :)
NOW to be clear - when I say 'beat' Oliver I mean percentage wise {they program girl lifts to be 70% of guy lifts so if I do 71% of whatever weight he lifted then I beat him, get it?} 
I am killing it with my overhead lifts, who knew I had such strong arms! Totally beat Oliver ;)

3. My knee. I've told you that I've accepted that I can't run FOR NOW and I'm embracing this opportunity to make some muscle gain while I literally can not do any steady state cardio. 

In the last 8 months or so I've had a hard time gaining any muscle, like a pound here and a pound there, but I'm looking for like 3+ pounds! I want to just fill out a few areas, but it's been a struggle. Probably because NOT DOING CARDIO  is so hard for someone who used it as a weight loss tool for years. Even when I cut back before I never let it go 100%

I'm not saying cardio is bad - it's good for you! It just doesn't align with what I'm trying to do to my body, but it's like an addiction that is hard to put aside 100%. Honestly if I could run I would be, hahaha, it's a sickness y'all. We do 'crossfit cardio' at the gym during the metcons, but those are usually about 10 minutes and consist of pull-ups, wall balls, burpees, and other forms of torture. 

The other part of gaining muscle is food, to find that magic place where you gain muscle but don't gain a ton of fat along with it. I'm starting with a slight increase of about 200 calories a day, then I'll check my weight and see if it's maintaining or whatever and adjust from there.  

It's good for me to change my goals, I'm just not the girl who causally goes to workout with no plan in mind - I need to have something I'm working towards or I get bored. 

4. If you STILL haven't bought an Instant Pot you have another reason to jump on this bandwagon.  This spaghetti squash peeled like an onion after 20 minutes! I didn't poke it, cut it, or anything!


Oliver is having SUCH a hard time figuring out double unders, finally I couldn't take it anymore so I ordered him a {super-fun} rope from Double Under Wonder. Ok, and one for me too cause I dare you to go look at all the cool customized ropes and not buy yourself one. 

I obviously had to include the Double Under Dust because #glitter 
He needs all the help he can get.

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