High Price.

I had a reader send me this side by side, holy smokes. It's been quite a ride the 3 years between these pictures! All I can say is that I'm REAL glad I'm done having babies!

I'm also very glad I have weight lifting in my life right now, the knee is just not happy when I run. I can do it, but when I limp around the rest of the day it really affects my mood and the rest of my day. I don't care for myself when I'm pissy, I don't like being that way so it makes me not want to run. Lifting and Crossfitting don't aggravate it thankfully!! It's been 6 months since my meniscus surgery, but I'm going in for anther MRI today to see what's going on - they probably just want more of my insurance money. 

Honestly right now I"m just thankful I can do any sort of exercise. 

Funny a few years ago I was obsessed with weighing myself - I'd let that number on the scale affect me. Scale weighing is a very hard obsession to break!!!! I follow lots of weight loss IG people who weigh themselves constantly, I want to help set them free hahah, but it has to be something you decide on your own. That you'll weigh 2 pounds less today and maybe 1 pound more tomorrow, but IT DOESN'T MATTER. You're still the same person. 

I've turned my obsession to lifting. I want to be stronger, week after week, I wanna know - what is my body capable of. Lifting by myself in the gym made it hard to push myself - no one was there to tell me that I DO have more in me. The high price of a crossfit membership comes with that pushing - a coach. Having that person has made all the difference in my workouts y'all. I needed that push, craved it even. I'm not the strongest girl in there, but everyday I leave feeling pretty damn proud of myself for doing better than I did the time before. I work hard for that damn little gold star.

My sister joined too and it's pretty much my favorite thing ever to workout with her.



  1. Saw this tank and thought of you LOL! http://www.amountfit.com/collections/x-tanks/products/i-clean-i-swing-i-jerk-i-have-a-nice-snatch-womens-workout-tank-top-x789
    Rosie xo

  2. Can you dish out some advice for trying new things where there's already a solidified group and not feeling like a loner? I run all the time and work out with a trainer, so while I'm overweight, I'm definitely not starting from scratch. However, when I tried a new boot camp class this week, I got my ass kicked. I don't mind that fact, but I didn't have anyone who could go with me, and the people there weren't friendly or talkative. (I won't be going back to that one because the instructor barely spoke, let alone motivated or pushed me, but that's a different problem for that gym.) How do you tell yourself it's ok to go to something like crossfit and talk to people who are so far ahead of you and still make yourself keep going?

    1. I'm naturally pretty outgoing, even in awkward situations I can make jokes. I felt that way a bit at a all women's gym I used to go to - they really had cliques and it took a while for me to warm them up. I think you need to just put yourself out there, go up and introduce yourself YOU be the one to start a conversation. Smiling goes a really long way. Crossfit for sure was pretty intimidating, my first day they had partners and I just had to make someone partner with me LOL It's worth a few minutes of awkwardness to find a great group, you can do this!

  3. Meg, I've heard so many say Crossfit is so hard your knees... such as in box jumps etc.. ( or whatever they are called ). Do you just limit the really hard hits for the knees? I know running is bad for them... but have heard Crossfit is hard on the body. Any truth that you've found to that? Or just jealous people flapping their trap because they don't do it?

    1. running is harder on your knees that crossfit, but having good form is important and you'll start with low weight :) Box jumps etc, I step down rather than jump down - you can modify anything in CF!


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