I'm {Super-Fun}

5 things. 

1. I freaking LOVE these shoes and I got such a great deal that every time someone asks about them I say 'and I only paid 50 bucks!'  :: I could only find the men's for sale online HERE, but size down and get you a pair! 

2. My Crossfit girls are the best and had the PERFECT shirt made for my birthday!! It's my favorite saying when we are working out :)
NOW to be clear - when I say 'beat' Oliver I mean percentage wise {they program girl lifts to be 70% of guy lifts so if I do 71% of whatever weight he lifted then I beat him, get it?} 
I am killing it with my overhead lifts, who knew I had such strong arms! Totally beat Oliver ;)

3. My knee. I've told you that I've accepted that I can't run FOR NOW and I'm embracing this opportunity to make some muscle gain while I literally can not do any steady state cardio. 

In the last 8 months or so I've had a hard time gaining any muscle, like a pound here and a pound there, but I'm looking for like 3+ pounds! I want to just fill out a few areas, but it's been a struggle. Probably because NOT DOING CARDIO  is so hard for someone who used it as a weight loss tool for years. Even when I cut back before I never let it go 100%

I'm not saying cardio is bad - it's good for you! It just doesn't align with what I'm trying to do to my body, but it's like an addiction that is hard to put aside 100%. Honestly if I could run I would be, hahaha, it's a sickness y'all. We do 'crossfit cardio' at the gym during the metcons, but those are usually about 10 minutes and consist of pull-ups, wall balls, burpees, and other forms of torture. 

The other part of gaining muscle is food, to find that magic place where you gain muscle but don't gain a ton of fat along with it. I'm starting with a slight increase of about 200 calories a day, then I'll check my weight and see if it's maintaining or whatever and adjust from there.  

It's good for me to change my goals, I'm just not the girl who causally goes to workout with no plan in mind - I need to have something I'm working towards or I get bored. 

4. If you STILL haven't bought an Instant Pot you have another reason to jump on this bandwagon.  This spaghetti squash peeled like an onion after 20 minutes! I didn't poke it, cut it, or anything!


Oliver is having SUCH a hard time figuring out double unders, finally I couldn't take it anymore so I ordered him a {super-fun} rope from Double Under Wonder. Ok, and one for me too cause I dare you to go look at all the cool customized ropes and not buy yourself one. 

I obviously had to include the Double Under Dust because #glitter 
He needs all the help he can get.


Our White House Update

I had a fantastic birthday week, nothing fancy, but I did get to eat some of my favorite Bundt Cake! {ok, 2! they are the small ones} I got a pedicure, Oliver got off work early and we went to the gym for the last workout for the Open. I have to say I'm glad it's over, it was like doing a competition every week and it's hard on your body. 

It was also my Dad's birthday week, luckily my Mom knows we need to celebrate with cake twice ;) 

We stopped by the new house for the weekly inspection and I almost died when I saw they installed my floors!!! I spent the bulk of our budget on the flooring, the builders gives us a 20K 'allowance' to use on upgrades and I used it completely on the tile. Having worked at a tile company it was REAL hard to spend that knowing I could get it so much cheaper, but I had to just bite the bullet because it's such a hassle to rip out something else and retile. So whatever, YOLO! 

I lost sleep over what color grout to use, everyone said white would be dirty fast, but I was worried a darker one would look dirty all the time, but it looks perfect! 

The tile is all over the bottom floor minus the bedrooms, this is Oliver's new office. He's pretty excited to have a view now and move out of the cramped bedroom he's in at our house. 

I CAN NOT WAIT for this cubby area, our house now doesn't have one and we use hooks in our very small laundry room and bags are over flowing, as are shoes, and coolers, etc. 

Dining room - haven't really decided on what to do in here since I don't really want a formal dining room. I thought maybe a family office space with a desk and computer for the kids to do homework etc. 

They also added my backsplash last week!! Totally forgot what I even picked, love it even more seeing it with my cabinets and countertops. It's like my Pinterest board came to life and I can't even believe that we are going to live here, I honestly feel so lucky and it seems surreal, I could cry tears of joy every time I walk in there. 

I really want to paint the kitchen a light blue/teal color - lots of grey happening so we need a splash of color. I also want to change the light fixtures, the ones they hung are too small. OMG and lets not forget I finally will have a walk in pantry!!! No more crap all over the counters!

We went with a darker tile in the masterbath and I was worried about how it would turn out, but I like it with the white cabinets. I'll update with the upstairs next week, they had too many people working up there for us to walk around.

We are taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a night next weekend to celebrate both of their birthdays! I'd love tips if you've been, it will be our first visit!

**I turned off blog comments, I don't like to police the negativity on here. I do love to hear from y'all on Facebook though! 


Off The Beaten Path

It was our first hot weekend, we of course spent it on a patio after Madison's soccer game. Melanie flew in from PA {where there were having a snow storm!} we were supposed to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, but we both ended up not being able to run so we ate and drank.  I've paid for way too many races that I ended up not running so I'm not signing up for another until I can run 10 miles without pain. 

I went back to the doctor to find out the results of my MRI last week, he walked into the room with a very grave look on his face and I almost started crying without him even saying a word. I was worried something was seriously wrong and I'd have to have more surgery.  Thankfully it was exactly what I thought - a Baker's cyst - actually 2 of them of pretty large size behind my knee. He went ahead and drained them, but if they come back I'll have to have surgery to find where the fluid is leaking from. I'm finally able to walk without limping for the first time in a very long time, I'm kinda pissed that the PA didn't offer to drain it months ago when I had a sonogram on it. Now I know to ask for it! 

Sunday I felt well enough to go in and attempt 17.4. For non cross fitters - this is a 5 week deal where they put up a new workout each Thursday, no one knows the workout before hand so you have to prepare for anything pretty much. It's like the Crossfit Olympics - first the open, then the top competitors go to regionals, then to the Crossfit Games that you've probably seen on TV.  This is my first year doing it and I have to say it's kinda fun, competing with your peers, seeing how everyone else does, and not knowing what the workout will be. 

Anywho - this week the workout was: 55 Deadlifts {155 pounds} + 55 Wall balls {14 pounds} + 55 calorie row + 55 Handstand pushups. 13 minutes to complete it. I did this workout back in January and only finished up to the rowing before time ran out. This time I got in 7 handstand pushups, I happy with that improvement!

The whole family came to watch and row, I'm not a good rower, pretty sure both kids could beat me. 

We took our weekend stroll over to the new house and I was happy to see the front is almost done! When you go pick out brick and stone it's overwhelming, so many options and it's hard to imagine what it will look like when it's all together. 

They also painted the walls, trims, and cabinets! Grey and white everywhere, for sure repainting the kitchen with a light blue or turquoise once we close.  Now that our countertops are in we should be getting our 60 day letter, eek. Told Oliver to turn off My 600 Pound Life and start cleaning out the office and garage. My realtor will have someone stage the house, so I'll have to take down all my decor. 

Sunday we rounded out our weekend with brunch at The Rustic. I've heard so much about this place in Dallas and I have to say I was disappointed - the food was ok, but serving sizes were crazy small and it was supposed to be 'family sharing' style. It wasn't even enough for 1 person, poor Madison asked if it was her appetizer LOL The service was even worse, couldn't get a glass for water and when he did bring a glass it was grossly dirty. Like old lipstick stuck to it.  I hear it's better if you're just going for drinks and music. 


No Netflix and Chill

Top 5 reasons why there is no Netflix and Chill for Oliver this week.

1. My car registration has been out since November, he promised if I took it for inspection he'd drive the 45 minutes to get the registration. Still hasn't happened cause he's addicted to watching My 600 pound life every day for an hour before work. 

2. Our fridge kinda blew up when lightening struck the house a while ago - the ice maker on the door doesn't work. I adjusted to sticking my hand in the bucket every day {while ALWAYS dropping an ice cube on the floor leaving a puddle and having him yell at me.} It's like groundhog day around here. ANYWAYS the hose busted and sprayed the inside of the fridge with cold water. He legit left it for me to clean up. 

3. He's running around like a crazy person looking for his gym bag this morning. I'm like, dude I have no clue where you put your gym bag' He swears it was in his car, so for HOURS this morning he's going on and on about someone breaking into his car and stealing ONLY HIS GYM BAG. Sigh. He makes me get on amazon and order him knee and wrist braces. We get home and sure enough, it's in the back of his car. 

4. He bought Doritos at the grocery store. 

5. He let the stupid beeping go on and on for a week in a smoke detector, it was like I was the only one in the house who could hear it. I thought I was going crazy.

In case you don't follow me anywhere else but here - you must get yourself an Instant Pot!! I've made two meals out of it this week already, highly recommend. I have this one, Instant Pot 6qt. It's like the opposite of a slow cooker - it cooks items crazy fast. I love it because I can make a meal in one pot and there are less dishes, plus the metal pot inside pulls out and is not heavy - so I can put on my scale and weigh items as I add them! It cooks chicken in less than 10 minutes!!

The meal above is garlic honey chicken and carrots - Oliver raved about it! I served over jasmine rice.

You guys left me so many recipes to try, thank you! I'm planning on this for Saturday night: Carnitas. I've never cooked a pork butt soon this should be fun! I think a 4 pound roast should fit in my pot.

Ok - I'm really obsessed with these little Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls! They are like laced with crack {or the same additive they put in Doritos to make you keep eating them}, but a great snack dipped in some low cal yogurt!

They do sell one dipped in dark chocolate - DO NOT BUY THOSE. Maybe there was a snack accident, maybe someone ate them in two days.

Never Not Hungry Top

This shirt explains a lot. 


All the Pots.

The kids had Spring Breaks on different weeks, so I took the opportunity to potty train the baby. We finally talked him into underwear and the first few days were rough, but I thought I'd give him a good solid week to make improvement before quitting. You guys. He's a rockstar and after about 3 days he just decided to do it!! I knew we turned a corner when he walked right past me, took off his own pants, and pooped in his potty. 

He's staying dry for naps and nighttime like a champ, but he refuses to sit on an adult potty. We have to carry his baby potty around, but I'll give him time to transition. Adult public restrooms are gross, so it's not so bad. 

A local company, Three Twelve Co, was holding a Unicorn cake decoration class, so Mimi and Madison spent Saturday making me a cake for my {early} birthday! 

I had two big pieces, it's my birthday cake after all :) It was delicious! 

I was waiting until we moved before buying an Instant Pot, but my Mom must've heard me talking about it on Periscope or something because she gifted me one for my birthday! I'm so excited to try it - if you've used one and have a recipe I should try please leave a link! I'll let you know how I like it next week!


High Price.

I had a reader send me this side by side, holy smokes. It's been quite a ride the 3 years between these pictures! All I can say is that I'm REAL glad I'm done having babies!

I'm also very glad I have weight lifting in my life right now, the knee is just not happy when I run. I can do it, but when I limp around the rest of the day it really affects my mood and the rest of my day. I don't care for myself when I'm pissy, I don't like being that way so it makes me not want to run. Lifting and Crossfitting don't aggravate it thankfully!! It's been 6 months since my meniscus surgery, but I'm going in for anther MRI today to see what's going on - they probably just want more of my insurance money. 

Honestly right now I"m just thankful I can do any sort of exercise. 

Funny a few years ago I was obsessed with weighing myself - I'd let that number on the scale affect me. Scale weighing is a very hard obsession to break!!!! I follow lots of weight loss IG people who weigh themselves constantly, I want to help set them free hahah, but it has to be something you decide on your own. That you'll weigh 2 pounds less today and maybe 1 pound more tomorrow, but IT DOESN'T MATTER. You're still the same person. 

I've turned my obsession to lifting. I want to be stronger, week after week, I wanna know - what is my body capable of. Lifting by myself in the gym made it hard to push myself - no one was there to tell me that I DO have more in me. The high price of a crossfit membership comes with that pushing - a coach. Having that person has made all the difference in my workouts y'all. I needed that push, craved it even. I'm not the strongest girl in there, but everyday I leave feeling pretty damn proud of myself for doing better than I did the time before. I work hard for that damn little gold star.

My sister joined too and it's pretty much my favorite thing ever to workout with her.



Life Lately.

Rewinding to 2 weeks ago because I'm so far behind, I went to Vegas overnight to shop a few vendors at Market who don't come to the Dallas show. I invited my 'internet' friend Aly, we've been blog buddies for years so it pretty much felt like we knew each other. She lives in Indy though, you may remember her blog if you've been around here a while  - Whoa_Aly :) We stayed at Ceasers {loved!} and it was my first time trying a Vegas buffet - holy cow. I loved it! It definitely was not like Lubys! 

Little baby Aiden turned 3. He's such a peculiar little child, hates to be dirty, not a fan of bugs, but pretty good with a ball - baseball, basketball, or soccer ball. Potty training has not gone well, he's fine actually on the pot but absolutely hates any type of underwear. He's on Spring break this week so we are gonna push a little harder. We are also going to take him out of his crib and turn it into a toddler bed.

He hates change, pretty badly. He already cried at Church yesterday because he had to go to the 3 year old room and play on the big boy toys - tough life. I need to get the potty and bed situation done now because pretty soon we will be moving.

The installed the trim, doors, and cabinets last week and are in the process of putting up the brick. I'm just waiting for out 60 day letter before I start packing stuff up. Well more like getting rid of everything I'm not taking with me. I seriously CAN'T WAIT to purge!!! 

Died over Madison's reaction to seeing where the construction workers are using the unfinished shower as a bathroom! 


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