Things you NEED to eat!

9-11 y'all.  I hit the recipe jackpot this week and you NEED to try them both! mmmmmkay?

Greek Chicken Bowls

Sunday morning I opened up Pinterest to start my food/grocery list and came across these Greek Chicken Bowls. Y'all. Super easy to make, full of flavor, and different then the regular old sweet potato, chicken, veggies bowl I've been downing for the last month. I put mine on Jasmine rice {lower fat and higher carb, plus the taste is so much better than brown rice in my opinion}. No heating, just pulled out of the fridge, mixed up, and ate. 

I've had this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie from Macro Experiment on my phone forever, I finally remembered to order some HERSHEY'S Sugar Free Chocolate Chips.

It was amazing, soft, gooey, and didn't have an 'protein' taste to it, but it does have 15g inside! Plus is was a huge serving!

This made me so happy while I wrap up watching the last episodes of Project Mindy.

They drywalled the house last week, it's starting to feel more real, I walked in and could visualize myself there! Another friend of mine added these coffered ceilings in her living room, they are so beautiful, even Oliver agreed.  I'm so glad we picked grey walls too!

My Mom picked up some 'easy' Valentines for Madison and brought them over to work on with her. Sigh. My idea of easy doesn't involve glue guns and have to cut a bunch of crap out. I'm like, just write names on them.

Pretty sure Madison agreed with me hahahahahaha. 


  1. Any idea how much stevia you used? "To taste" is so vague. I am a baker, I need measurements! Lol

  2. Bless Mimi and her crafts. I'm obsessed with doing this for my kiddos. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/216243219579769850/ Take a quick pic of them, upload it to Walgreens, pick up the prints and put in the sucker and done! Then the kids don't have to sign their name either.

  3. I had to eat two of the chocolate chip treats the other night to hit my numbers. Such a hard life I live ;)

  4. SM- your house looks beautiful! Love it! What's the name of the wall color? I love the grey!!!! It'll be beautiful with the rest of your White House! Lol

  5. The Mindy Project do you mean?? :)

  6. I need to make that chocolate chip dish! It looks amazing!

  7. You need to try sushi rice!! So good! I made some and it was delicious! I got it with the Asian food section!


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