Oliver and I.

I wouldn't say Oliver and I were having marital problems, but we've had our good and bad patches. Sometimes we just bicker more, sometimes we just didn't seem to connect. 16 years is a long time to get along with the same person LOL When we started Crossfit last May I never imagined to would change our marriage the way it has, not that we don't still bicker - cause we do. We just are able to connect and bond with each other in a different way. We have a common interest to talk about that doesn't involve daily life and the kids. 

Now we tend to Crossfit differently, I'm much more competitive than he is, this is probably a good thing. I've done a few competition and he really had no desire to do one, but agreed to the Valentines Day on as a couple. We practiced a few times, he coached me more than I liked, talked during the workout more than I liked, and generally over analyzed everything to death. I was like - this may be our last couple competition!

I mean for the sheer fact we had to workout this close to each other, usually we set up on opposite sides of the gym. The tire flipping the first WOD was tough for us, I felt the exact moment he was ready to take a break, seriously I sensed the change even though he didn't say anything. He pushed through though-  I was so proud of him. We did pretty good for his first comp, but more than that we had fun. 

It was about an hour from our house so we drove down Friday afternoon, did 2 workouts, then stayed a hotel nearby. After a good strong margarita because of 6pm pre workout and I forgot to bring melatonin.  The tire flipping and burpees were our toughest event, I maybe yelled at him for doing burpees too slow, but honestly I wasn't the only wife doing it! To be fair he yelled at me when I no rep'd a stupid wall ball. 

We took the big kid with us, she was so damn cute, doing each workout after we did. I'm so glad we are able to include her in this as a family. Plus it's good for her to get a little one on one time with us every once in a while.  We finished Saturday and dropped her off at a friends for a slumber party. 

Sunday was the first game of the Spring soccer season for me, I haven't even touched a ball since last season to give my knee a break. I missed it so much, but dang I was sore today. Oliver really wants to build his muscles so he wants to do 2 WODs a day, I ended up a the gym yesterday afternoon for some upper body. Today I hurt everywhere, even my neck is sore from something hahaha. It's the perfect time to take a break, I'm leaving for Vegas for 2 days tomorrow. No gym, just good food, good shopping, and good friends! 


  1. Madison's quick little scope of the comp was adorable!

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  2. My husband and I have been together for 16 years too! Sometimes we are totally sick of each other, but could never live without the other one ;) #balance. Right?!

    Have a great week!!


  3. When my husband and I were doing crossfit at the same box, we had so much to talk about that didn't include work and daily routine. We would talk about gear, wods, diets, other members lol and all kinds of cool stuff. Then life happened and we haven't been in the same box in almost 4 years, but we are finally able to do it again this year after I recover from having our baby. We are super excited!!

  4. That is adorable how your daughter is joining in on it! Great role models! It is hard in a relationship to find the outside interest besides home stuff.

  5. Oh my gosh. I sure wish I had a boyfriend to do acroyoga with!


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