My White House Update.

We are in the slow part of house building, lots of things happening, but still so far to go. We usually stop by after Sunday church to see that weeks progress. Oliver is very type A and inspects everything, I walk in and go 'yup, looks good to me' ahahah.

This is our living room with the kitchen to the right, I love all the windows so much. I want everything white and bright, no dark corners! The ceiling looks different in this room because we added coffered ceilings, might be my favorite thing about the house. I had a friend do it in her home and I totally copied her, honestly it wasn't even very expensive to add on and it will make a huge difference in the room.

This is our master, again loving the windows. We will be adding barn doors that will lead to the bathroom. One of the things I hate about our current house is that the wall for the bed is not big enough for a king size bed and two end tables, I squeeze in two tiny tables but it has always annoyed me. I was very sure to measure this before we signed off on the floor plans.

We combined the game room and media rooms for Ollie Marie, just added french doors to shut it off from the rest of the upstairs. The kids both have bedrooms upstairs, I'm anticipating them both having a hard time adjusting to being on a different floor from us - mostly Madison. We've been talking it up, but she's still a terrible sleeper at almost 8. She has a hard time staying asleep, then when she does wake up she gets scared by herself.

This is the other side of the windows up here, the 'wall' for pictures. I'm not sure if I'll do Stikwood again or maybe change it up? So torn, the Stikwood is really neutral which is a big plus, but maybe a white washed brick? I've been skimming Pinterest for ideas.

The biggest selling point for me was this lot, we couldn't afford a bigger house and a bigger yard. Right now we live on a full acre, but the new house is like .3 of an acre I think. Still the way the house sits and the fact that we are on a corner lot gave us a decent backyard, plus we have seriously close access to the pool. Madison is already planning her summer around her pool schedule. I have no doubt she'll have 5 best friends the first week of summer break. 

Next they will start to blow in insulation and drywall I think. They started to talk about wiring and boring guy stuff during the walk through today and I tuned out. Probably in the next month we will have to close and sell our house - this is the part that freaks me out. The timing of each, but people do this all the time so I know we will work it out. 

While I'm happy and excited to move into our forever home it also really brings up feelings of fear in me. That I'm not worthy of such blessings in my life. What have I done to earn this life? A lot of days I'm just waiting for that other shoe to drop, the bad news. These feelings have led me to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. I've been at the bottom, I already know what it feels like and I know exactly how I got out of it, Him. I shouldn't live in fear, but that's just what I'm going through right now. I'm working on it.


  1. It made my day to see that you included some thoughts about your faith in Jesus!! What better way to use the platform He's blessed you with than to encourage others to trust in Him, especially when going through life's low points. Keep being you, you're awesome!

  2. Ditto to Shelby's points above! Your courage and generosity Are truly gifts from God - trusting in Him is hard - so much easier to put faith in something more tangible, but so encouraged that this process has grown your faith in Him! So excited to see the finished product!

  3. Please consider reading and living by The Secret and of course remember you have gods grace and he wants you to have this life!!!

  4. When you get a chance check out the book by Joyce Meyer "Battlefield of the Mind". It's amazing and teaches you (by scripture) that you CAN control these negative thoughts. The Lord wants you to live and walk in freedom which includes the thoughts you have. God bless you and your precious family. <3

    1. Yessss! Battlefield of the Mind was amazing for me, make sure you get the workbook too. Great read and such easy points to drive home and work on.

  5. Long time reader, but I have never commented before. I know exactly how you feel about feeling guilty or unworthy of the blessings God has given me. It has led me to sabotage my weight loss goals and doubt my worthiness; but at the end of the day I realize where that feeling is coming from...

    Our worth is never conditional on how hard we work, or what we do. God loves us for exactly who we are, flaws and all. You have worked hard, and deserve every blessing that comes your way. Good luck with the house building process, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. I'm so happy for you! The house is beautiful already and you are very deserving. As long as He is first, you can't go wrong :)

  7. Love the house and it is so exciting to see it come together and hear about all of your plans and decorating! You are amazing and very deserving of everything you have. Be grateful for your blessings and enjoy every minute of it. Nothing will go wrong that you can't handle! :) Keep rockin' it! ~Laura

  8. Beautiful house! Love how honest you are! What our minds tell us can be a real battle! Many blessings! May this new chapter bring you joy❤️

  9. So happy to see that you are experiencing the rewards of all your hard work.

  10. Megan, the house is coming along great, as far as your current house the realtor with make it smooth, just explain you can't move out until the date your house is available. Now as far as saying you don't feel you don't deserve this why? Every good person deserves good things in life, you work hard, Ollie works hard, your both great parents, and you are an amazing figure to society, as well as an inspiration. Look girl if you didn't deserve this you wouldn't have gotten finance, God blessed you with that and instead of questioning him you should be thanking him. It's going to be ok have faith in the man who blessed you! God Bless

  11. What a lovely home! We've got our house on the market and are trying to sell it by May to move into the home we want. For me, it's a daily battle to not worry about the timing but I'm trying hard to just leave it in God's hands. I know He only wants good things for me and you too. If a hard time comes, He will be faithful and use that challenge to grow us. I love getting a peek into your building process and can't wait to see how cute you decorate the house.

  12. You're house is going to be absolutely beautiful! So excited to follow along this exciting journey with you! We just build and moved into a new house this past September. It so much fun but also stressful! It'll all be worth it. Enjoy it!

  13. Looks beautiful! I love the windows!

  14. Beautiful home. Saying a prayer for you lovely lady.

  15. We just built our forever house and sold our old one. I pinch myself every day! :) You deserve it, you work hard and are a good soul. Your new home looks beautiful!

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  17. Amen. Jesus has this. He loves you and all of us so very much ❤️


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