Oliver and I.

I wouldn't say Oliver and I were having marital problems, but we've had our good and bad patches. Sometimes we just bicker more, sometimes we just didn't seem to connect. 16 years is a long time to get along with the same person LOL When we started Crossfit last May I never imagined to would change our marriage the way it has, not that we don't still bicker - cause we do. We just are able to connect and bond with each other in a different way. We have a common interest to talk about that doesn't involve daily life and the kids. 

Now we tend to Crossfit differently, I'm much more competitive than he is, this is probably a good thing. I've done a few competition and he really had no desire to do one, but agreed to the Valentines Day on as a couple. We practiced a few times, he coached me more than I liked, talked during the workout more than I liked, and generally over analyzed everything to death. I was like - this may be our last couple competition!

I mean for the sheer fact we had to workout this close to each other, usually we set up on opposite sides of the gym. The tire flipping the first WOD was tough for us, I felt the exact moment he was ready to take a break, seriously I sensed the change even though he didn't say anything. He pushed through though-  I was so proud of him. We did pretty good for his first comp, but more than that we had fun. 

It was about an hour from our house so we drove down Friday afternoon, did 2 workouts, then stayed a hotel nearby. After a good strong margarita because of 6pm pre workout and I forgot to bring melatonin.  The tire flipping and burpees were our toughest event, I maybe yelled at him for doing burpees too slow, but honestly I wasn't the only wife doing it! To be fair he yelled at me when I no rep'd a stupid wall ball. 

We took the big kid with us, she was so damn cute, doing each workout after we did. I'm so glad we are able to include her in this as a family. Plus it's good for her to get a little one on one time with us every once in a while.  We finished Saturday and dropped her off at a friends for a slumber party. 

Sunday was the first game of the Spring soccer season for me, I haven't even touched a ball since last season to give my knee a break. I missed it so much, but dang I was sore today. Oliver really wants to build his muscles so he wants to do 2 WODs a day, I ended up a the gym yesterday afternoon for some upper body. Today I hurt everywhere, even my neck is sore from something hahaha. It's the perfect time to take a break, I'm leaving for Vegas for 2 days tomorrow. No gym, just good food, good shopping, and good friends! 


Things you NEED to eat!

9-11 y'all.  I hit the recipe jackpot this week and you NEED to try them both! mmmmmkay?

Greek Chicken Bowls

Sunday morning I opened up Pinterest to start my food/grocery list and came across these Greek Chicken Bowls. Y'all. Super easy to make, full of flavor, and different then the regular old sweet potato, chicken, veggies bowl I've been downing for the last month. I put mine on Jasmine rice {lower fat and higher carb, plus the taste is so much better than brown rice in my opinion}. No heating, just pulled out of the fridge, mixed up, and ate. 

I've had this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie from Macro Experiment on my phone forever, I finally remembered to order some HERSHEY'S Sugar Free Chocolate Chips.

It was amazing, soft, gooey, and didn't have an 'protein' taste to it, but it does have 15g inside! Plus is was a huge serving!

This made me so happy while I wrap up watching the last episodes of Project Mindy.

They drywalled the house last week, it's starting to feel more real, I walked in and could visualize myself there! Another friend of mine added these coffered ceilings in her living room, they are so beautiful, even Oliver agreed.  I'm so glad we picked grey walls too!

My Mom picked up some 'easy' Valentines for Madison and brought them over to work on with her. Sigh. My idea of easy doesn't involve glue guns and have to cut a bunch of crap out. I'm like, just write names on them.

Pretty sure Madison agreed with me hahahahahaha. 


Motivated Monday

It was the day she's been waiting for, the Hot Chocolate 5k! The weather was chilly, but not windy, perfect running weather. I was so impressed with her, only 3 little walk breaks! It was more dangerous for me, she tends to weave around when she runs so I had to dodge her while keeping her out of the way of other runners. This race is one of my favorites, not just for the awesome jacket, but the chocolate at the end is legit - no Swiss Miss packets here. 

This will definitely be a yearly thing for us, so much fun with my baby girl! We grabbed some breakfast and made it back in time for Crossfit kids. I love that we can share stuff like this together, while I'm sad my babies are getting older it is nice to be able to do more things together. 

I have about 6 weeks to get myself ready for the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon. It's my favorite race to do since it usually falls right around my birthday and this year I have so many friends running it that it's going to be a ton of fun! I haven't been running very much lately, but this week I'm going to do at least one 5 miler followed by 8-10 over the weekend. 

My knee comes and goes, mostly what is bothering me is the bakers cyst behind my knee. When I run it tends to get really tight, I'm religious about stretching my calf and hamstring every day. I foam roll and I also have been using the fascia blaster.  I've had one for almost a year, but only started using is recently on my janky knee and leg. OMG> so obsessed! I use to about 3x a week and have noticed a huge difference in the tightness of my legs, my calves were unbearably tight and I could barely touch them without pain. I've also used it on shoulder pain and neck tightness, immediately felt better. I'm on the fence on if it has helped for cellulite, but for post workout recovery - hell yeah.

Full disclosure - they talk about 'detox' symptoms when you start using it and they are real. I've felt flu-ish the day after, I've been exhausted to the point I couldn't keep my eyes open, and most recently I had a crazy itch on both my feet that lasted for 2 days. 

Oliver and I are also practicing for his first Crossfit competition February 18th. It's a Valentines Day couple workout. Lemme tell you, he's a bossy little partner! He tells me to count the reps while we are doing the WOD, but he's also trying to talk to me and tell me what to do. 

Dude, I can't conversate and count at the same time. Also he wants to talk our strategy to death, I'm like - just burpee faster and you'll be ok. Either way we should have some good quality time and fun together! 


My White House Update.

We are in the slow part of house building, lots of things happening, but still so far to go. We usually stop by after Sunday church to see that weeks progress. Oliver is very type A and inspects everything, I walk in and go 'yup, looks good to me' ahahah.

This is our living room with the kitchen to the right, I love all the windows so much. I want everything white and bright, no dark corners! The ceiling looks different in this room because we added coffered ceilings, might be my favorite thing about the house. I had a friend do it in her home and I totally copied her, honestly it wasn't even very expensive to add on and it will make a huge difference in the room.

This is our master, again loving the windows. We will be adding barn doors that will lead to the bathroom. One of the things I hate about our current house is that the wall for the bed is not big enough for a king size bed and two end tables, I squeeze in two tiny tables but it has always annoyed me. I was very sure to measure this before we signed off on the floor plans.

We combined the game room and media rooms for Ollie Marie, just added french doors to shut it off from the rest of the upstairs. The kids both have bedrooms upstairs, I'm anticipating them both having a hard time adjusting to being on a different floor from us - mostly Madison. We've been talking it up, but she's still a terrible sleeper at almost 8. She has a hard time staying asleep, then when she does wake up she gets scared by herself.

This is the other side of the windows up here, the 'wall' for pictures. I'm not sure if I'll do Stikwood again or maybe change it up? So torn, the Stikwood is really neutral which is a big plus, but maybe a white washed brick? I've been skimming Pinterest for ideas.

The biggest selling point for me was this lot, we couldn't afford a bigger house and a bigger yard. Right now we live on a full acre, but the new house is like .3 of an acre I think. Still the way the house sits and the fact that we are on a corner lot gave us a decent backyard, plus we have seriously close access to the pool. Madison is already planning her summer around her pool schedule. I have no doubt she'll have 5 best friends the first week of summer break. 

Next they will start to blow in insulation and drywall I think. They started to talk about wiring and boring guy stuff during the walk through today and I tuned out. Probably in the next month we will have to close and sell our house - this is the part that freaks me out. The timing of each, but people do this all the time so I know we will work it out. 

While I'm happy and excited to move into our forever home it also really brings up feelings of fear in me. That I'm not worthy of such blessings in my life. What have I done to earn this life? A lot of days I'm just waiting for that other shoe to drop, the bad news. These feelings have led me to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. I've been at the bottom, I already know what it feels like and I know exactly how I got out of it, Him. I shouldn't live in fear, but that's just what I'm going through right now. I'm working on it.


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