Y'all I'm seriously obsessed with my brows! I was so scared and now I'm so glad I found someone who gave me exactly what I wanted. Jewels Artistry in Forney. This was right after she was done.

She started out by numbing my brows, cute huh? She left this cream on for about 15-20 minutes.

The she measured and drew on my face - this was kinda scary because I have to approve the look I want. It's hard to say, yeah I love this when it looks thick. You have to imagine it drawn in between the lines. Then she picked a pigment color and dotted it on my skin to show me. 

Next she tested an area for pain, I felt nothing. It was pretty painless, only a bit uncomfortable on the edges by my scar from an eyebrow ring long long ago. From the time she started drawing with an exacto knife on my face to the end was about 10-15 minutes. We chatted the entire time, seriously so easy.

Day 1 was great, day 2 they were a bit red and darker, day 3 and 4 they are totally fine. I haven't had much flaking at all. You can't get them wet for 7 days y'all - no showers just bathes. Seriously do not google the do's and don't because they vary so much from artist to artist. She said no working out the day of {so I wouldn't bleed a lot} and I went back to the gym the next day. 

I asked if sweating would make the color run, she said no. People use different pigments and if the pigment is cheap that's where you will have colors changing on your face. 

Snow Leopard Top

This is day 4. The lips are my LipSense - Aussie Rose and Razzberry. 
The number one tip I'd give is to search and search for someone you feel comfortable with! I hunted for month, when she was recommended to me I looked her up and every one of her IG pictures was YYAAAAASSSSSS. I knew right then I'd be happy with her work - this is your face so don't settle. 

The cost was $350 for the initial visit - follow up is $150. $500 is the going price from all the places I quoted in the area. They last 18 month to 3 years depending on your skin - the oiler you are the more it can fade, but everyone is different. 


  1. Ahh this makes me want to do it!! Oh and I also got my lipsense in today and I looooooove it!! Now I can give birth to this baby and look good doing it lol

  2. They seriously do look great! I love that you share so thank you.

  3. Your brows are to die for! They look absolutely perfect! I want!

  4. Julie does awesome work! I'm hoping to get mine done soon!

  5. Can we see a picture of skinnyMeg with an eyebrow ring? 😉

    1. LOL I don't even think I have one, I'll have to look around my Mom's house! No cell phone selfies back then hahahaha


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