If you Workout you NEED this!

I've made some tweaks to my diet and I think they are making a big impact on my strength and I wanted to share with y'all. I am still counting macros, but I don't think I'd call it super 'flexible' dieting. I am eliminating, actually let's it's more like cutting way back, sugar and dairy and timing my foods to try to keep my blood levels stable throughout the day. I eat every 3 hours and I always eat protein with carbs. 

No more snacking on grapes throughout the day.
No more sweet treats between meals, even if the fit my macros. 

The first two weeks were really hard, I felt hungry and deprived. I thought - I'm good I don't need to get stronger, but deep down of course I want to improve on myself! I'm not happy staying the same for long. So I kept chugging along, boring and predictable foods every day. Well, except for my Home Chef meals 2x a week. If you don't follow me on Snapchat, that's where I've been sharing all my meals. 

I've tried to cut out all dairy, but I haven't been able to 100% yet. I try to only use it when absolutely necessary, lol, cheese emergencies. So for example here is how I would pair my food:

25g carbs + 25g protein +8g fat {Breakfast} 
So born is my Oatmeal mixed with egg whites and almond butter.

Protein shake after every workout.

BCAA. Y'all lemme tell you why you NEED to be taking BCAA. I thought my diet was good - lots of protein every day. I got lazy and stopped taking my Catalyst, I also lost muscle. I immediately got back on my bandwagon of Catalyst every morning before my workout and I gained muscle. THAT'S my proof that it works. 

Now you can drink them also, I prefer the above combo of Limeade Spark + Red Raspberry Rehydrate. The pill form of BCAA's in Catalyst make it easy for me to know I'm getting the full amount, a lot of times I don't finish what's in my water bottle at the gym. 

Overall I obviously haven't been 100%, but I try to make as many of my meals as possible adhere to my plan and I can tell a difference in my lifting, my endurance, recovery, and body. I will never be on the bandwagon that diary and sugar are evil - I DO believe in moderation. Will a cookie kill your progress? No. Will a sleeve of cookies kill your progress? lol, maybe. It IS girl scout cookie season. 

Plus I totally out lifted Oliver yesterday, that's a damn good feeling. 


  1. What does your protein shake contain?

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  3. Catalyst and Spark are my FAVORITE! If interested, go to www.advocare.com/150617996

  4. When do you take your Catalyst? Do you take it as well as the spark/rehydrate or is it either or? ��

  5. Pure synthetic ingredients that make your body crave sugar. Also, your wall is not straight or you're altering your photos.

    1. You're too funny.. Megan’s closet door isn’t shut the whole way :D It’s awesome that she’s not even getting sugar cravings.. cut it out from her food all month even! A little BCAA’s won’t hurt :)

    2. Actually, that's filled with the same synthetic sugar as diet soda and it actually will. Also, it's not the closet door that's crooked. It's actually the trim on the side of the closet so unless her house if falling down, a simple ruler would show that's altered. You can't just fake a crooked wall that curves at a door.

    3. The door isn't shut? That's your explanation? That's great except that doesn't explain why it's completely straight on the bottom, and then flares out on the top. Look at it, right around the arm/hand area. It totally sways out. No door, partially opened or not, does that. She either alerted that picture, or her house is crooked and they should evacuate immediately.

    4. I wish I had time to examine blogger's photos for inconsistencies and comment on it. Must be nice to have ALL. THAT. TIME.

    5. I'm sorry. If you're throwing yourself out there on every social media site 100000 times a day and it's obvious your walls are crooked in certain pictures, I will call you out. The part I don't get is WHY would you sit here and defend someone who spent thousands on plastic surgery, says its all healthy food and dieting and then shows you altered pictures? How are we the bad guys for calling a spade a spade?

  6. How many Catalysts do you take a day? I just looked them up and the website said 3 capsules 1 to 3 times a day. Just curious if you take that many since you are noticing a difference! :)

  7. You don't need examine her photos to know she alters them.. although noticing takes all of 2 seconds! Watch her videos and then look at her pictures. OR compare her selfies to the ones on the boutique site.


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