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Here I am! As 2017 rolled in I gave myself a little break from the blog, I just was feeling a little overwhelmed with Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook, and IG. I mean, sharing content on every platform can be confusing and exhausting, not that I don't enjoy it I just didn't have a clear cut vision of what I should be sharing on each one. Life without a plan is hard, weather it's workouts, food, working, parenting, whatever! 

I've decided I want to keep blogging, I like to read back and I'm not done documenting life just yet. I plan to *try* and blog 3x a week - a lifestyle post, a workout/food post, and another sharing some of my favorite go to products. 

Periscope will stay the same, I'll hop on as I have time, seriously my girls over there can fix my life in 2 minutes flat whenever I have a problem! Y'all suggestions for Christmas shots was a total lifesaver, buying a gift for 20 women can get expensive, but having a shot with everyone was affordable and a big hit!

I even went back the next day to buy more Rumchata to take to CF, after our 12 Days of Christmas Barbell workout we needed it!

The drink includes:

Eggnog {I used Light EggNog from Trader Joes}
1 shot Rumchata 
a splash of Fireball

The end of 2016 was so great, lots of celebrations, Poppy turned 40 and Oliver squeezed a birthday in last week too. We surprised Poppy with a dinner at Glorias in Addison, it turns into a dance club around 11 which was so much fun. I'm not sure the last time I stayed out late drinking and dancing. 

Christmas time is hard for us, every year someone gets sick and this year was no different. The day school let out Madison came down with flu AND strep, luckily she had a week to recover. She sang in the kids Christmas choir for the first time and loved it, we all have the song memorized from singing it OVER AND OVER again in the car. I swear Oliver sang louder than the kids ;)

I'm just really glad Aiden didn't catch it, although I was worried he'd have a complex after hearing me yell 'NO! DONT TOUCH HER! GERMS! GERMS!" 

I really put my foot down with the Grandparents on not buying too many toys, we are trying to declutter before moving not take on more. For the most part they did listen - except for that 5 story garage with 100 cars for Aiden. Side eye Mimi. Madison got OSMO for her iPad and loves it!

We stayed in for NYE, well Madison went to a sleepover at a friends house and I hear she was the only one awake at midnight. I was in bed by 10! I've enjoyed our downtime together, but it's time to get back to our regualry scheduled programming. 


  1. So glad you are going to keep blogging! I love your posts!

  2. So glad your going to continue blogging. I've missed it. Can't wait to heR more about the house construction. What does the storage garage with the cars look like?

  3. I love periscoping with you but I don't always have time to catch them. I am so glad you are going to continue blogging. Your blog is my favorite. I get so much out of it.

  4. I love reading your blog! It's been one of my favorites for years. Glad you're sticking around. :)


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