Going Heavy + BF Testing

Back in the day when I was doing my thing in the gym I had a difficult time answering the question - how heavy should I be lifting? I worked out 6 days a week and it was very rare for me to be sore unless I was trying a new move. I just thought I wasn't getting sore because I worked out so much because when I was there I was kicking my own butt. I worked hard, I was sweating, I was out of breath.

Then I started Crossfit and I realized I had so much more in me that needed to be pulled out - I needed someone else to push me. I needed to see other women lifting heavier than me to motivate me to try more. There was NOTHING wrong with my workouts at the gym before, but now that I've pushed myself past my own limits I crave it. I get high off getting my ass kicked at the gym. Except today, my abs hurt so bad I literally couldn't even stand up straight. I took the GHD race a little to literally. 

From Nov - Jan I gained 1 pound of muscle and lost 1 pound of fat. My weight was exactly the same, THIS is why if you have access to body fat testing {I do the hydrostatic - not the handheld ones} I highly recommend you do it. A lot of times you won't see all your hard work on the scale - because a pound of fat and muscle both weigh the same, but you'll be smaller! It's not very expensive, I pay $40 a test. I don't even bother weighing myself at home anymore, it's pretty damn freeing too. That number can play tricks on your mind, maybe it didn't drop and you say eff it and revert back to bad habits - if you'd just stayed off that scale and kept on going...

Madison is really loving Crossfit Kids and has taken to teaching her brother, he pretty much does everything she says so it's a good fit ;) Madison has given up desserts for the next 21 Days, she was trying to argue with me that a Fruit Rollup wasn't candy - it was fruit. hahaha. Nice try baby girl. {it's something we are doing at Church}

She's also been BEGGING me to run the Hot Chocolate 5k this year, she REALLY wants the jacket. I was just worried it would be too cold for her - last year was unbearable for me much less a kid. So far it's been a really mild winter so I went ahead and signed us up and rounded up a bunch of our friends to run it will us. I'm so excited - Mothers and daughters getting fit together - pretty much my favorite Saturday activity. 


  1. I've been following your blog for awhile now, maybe a couple years(?) and honestly, it's been so amazing to see Madison progress! I cannot believe how much of a young lady she is now. It kills me that in the past you wrote about how girls bullied her about her weight. SHE IS A KID! She clearly is growing, as kids should, and look at her now! It's awesome that she has a Mom like you that motivates her to take care of herself and do things for HERSELF not just for her weight...I love it! You're a super Mom :)

  2. 21 days of prayer and fasting yayyyyyy!!! My church, too!

  3. I'm running the 15k! Woohoo Madison!


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