Friday Fav's: Sweating.

Fun workout leggings via Ollie Maire Boutique - Crop Top too! They would also go really well with my favorite gym bag...

Oliver bought me this Vooray Gym Bag for Christmas and I freaking love it so hard! It's the perfect size for all my gym things {or my Mary Poppins bag as it's lovingly referred to}. It even has a shoe compartment on the side which is handy, I like to take my running and lifting shoes with me in case I change my mind about what I'm going to do. 

After spending a few hours at PT for my knee I HAD to buy a Stretch Out Strap ! I carry this with me anytime I workout and stretch like it's my job after every workout, this strap is super handy for stretching all those muscles, I love it better than my foam roller. Nothing makes me feel better than 10 minutes on the floor with this green thing.

This is not for the weak of heart - it's crazy strong and will give you the tingles....just the way I like it ;) Mr Hyde Intense Pre Workout .

A xFitness Jump Rope ! When I don't feel like cardio I LOVE to jump rope between sets to get my sweat going, everyone should have their own so you can adjust it to your height.


  1. Because I have to ask 😂 are those tights see through at all? I don't want any other reason to feel uncomfortable in the gym. Thank you! ❤

  2. Is the girl with the red hair your new trainer? She looks fantastic! Great to see all this January motivation.

    1. The red head is Natalie. She is one of her friends and works with her part time at Ollie Marie.. Love her!

  3. Wow, Natalie's body is on point! She is goals!

  4. You look HUGE compared to Natalie. Now THAT is in shape! Natalie, you are rocking it!

  5. I would love if you would share your stretch strap routine. I have one and have owned it for years, but I don't take advantage of it as I suck at figuring out how to use it.


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