Friday Favorites

This is a must have, literally have no idea how I lived so long without one - Pop socket. It helps you grip your phone and sets it up to watch Hulu while I cook dinner.  Just finished Blindspot - catching up on This is Us. Top is the Bashful Top.

I'm just not a heels girl, if I can get away with flats I will wear them daily. I especially love ones I can slip on, I just hate dealing with slipping no show socks. I ordered a pair of Gekks ages ago - they came with pretty lengthy set of directions, we all know I suck at direction so they sat on my dresser forever. My Mom gifted these MK shoes to me for Christmas and I love them with everything - leggings or jeans. So I finally figured out how to put them in {for the record it's really easy!} and I LOVE them! They stick inside your shoe - like a built in sock. I need them for all my slip ons now!

This. Candle. Is. Amazing. Everyone who walks into my house loves it. Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle.

Rainy season is coming and I highly recommend this Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella - it's sturdy, cute, and it flips both ways so you can slid into your car and close it on your way in!

If you have muscle soreness this HealthmateForever TENS Unit is super helpful - it's similar to what they use a chiropractor office. I have heard insurance may cover a unit, but this on is like 30 bucks off Amazon and works great! It's a muscle stimulator, it uses low voltage electric to release muscle pain. I put it on my traps a lot before I go to bed :)

In a hurry and want to wear a dress, but no time to spray tan? Loving Tan body makeup -  waterproof and won't rub off! It dries in 60 seconds, didn't come off on my clothing and looked great! You have to use soap to get it off.

Next week I'll update on my favorite beauty products! You can always find my Amazon shop at the top of the page under shop. I try to update often with my most loved items! Trying out a new spray tanner this weekend ;)


  1. Thanks for the tip about Gekks! I've never heard of those before but I totally need them!

  2. I was wondering about the show thing. Flat lover as well!!!

  3. I was curious if you had any good recommendations for someone who would help calculate macros for my husband!? I know Poppy only does woman and my husband is interested in getting on the macro train!


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