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Food, food, food. It's always about the dang food. So lemme share what I've been eating lately.

I'm sure you all know my love affair for Trader Joes, well they have been letting me down lately. For the last 6 months I haven't been able to buy Riced Cauliflower, Italy is having custom problems or something like that - whatever! I need my cauliflower! The fresh doesn't freeze well and it's too far to drive very often. 

Anyways, Walmart of course has something even BETTER, but I hate hate hate going to that store. I will make an exception for this...

Sweet potato and cauliflower - plus you can microwave the bag!!!! This stuff is so good, easy, and filling without a ton of calories.

But, what should you put with it?

Whatever your little heart desires! I love to add chicken, peppers, corn, salsa, and cheese! Or you could do shrimp or turkey. 

In the cold month, well mostly cold months here in Dallas, I live on sweet potato. It's pretty much good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add eggs, turkey, bacon, goat cheese, broccoli, or kale. I boil a huge pot to use for the week.

I get this at TJ, but I'm sure you can find a kale mix at any grocery store. I sauté it in a pan to soften it a bit, sometimes added in chopped zucchini.

I just put in a hot pan for a few minutes and season with some Tonys.

A friend sent this to me and I LOVE it! I use it to season my egg whites also before putting on avocado toast.

I am still counting macros, but I'm also trying to combine and time my food. Everyone at Crossfit was doing it and you know I have to give everything a try! So the premise is you never eat a macro alone - you always combine protein with carbs and sometimes with a little bit of fat. Your goal is to keep your blood sugar level and it will give you energy and reduce your cravings. 

For example - I used to eat straight carbs before the gym - usually jelly toast. Now I eat Proats, recipe below.

1/2 cup oatmeal cooked with 1/2 cup water in microwave for 2:30
Then mix in 46g egg whites. Stir but don't cook again.
{optional added protein: yogurt mixed with protein powder} 
1/2 serving almond butter

Then after the gym I have a protein shake {I like the premixed Premier Protein} within 30 minutes. I used to wait until after a shower and getting ready to eat and I would be starving.

Lunch/Dinner consists of things similar to what I shared above. Except 2x a week when I do my HomeChef meals! I'm addicted and not willing to give them up, they make dinner fun.

Last night from Home Chef was hummus crusted chicken - I've never put hummus on chicken, but dang if it wasn't crazy simple AND delicious! 

I'm really trying to cut out cheese, mostly because of the inflammation it does to your body, but it's sooooooo hard. I felt deprived and sad, so I use it sparingly. 

To be honest I feel like most people quit their diets because it's too hard to stick to every single day, my motto is  - SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. I have to ease myself into it, baby steps. I am not 100%, but I'm still getting stronger! 

My husband can't keep his hands off it. hahahahaha.

If you need some extra motivation to jumpstart your year join me for my DietBet - starts 1/9 which is next Monday! I'll have a Facebook group where we will share food/workout ideas for the 4 weeks. 


  1. Do you eat your sweet potato mashed? If so, boil them whole with the skins still on, let them cool, and then the skins just slide right off. Makes life so much easier!

  2. That's crazy because our TJs is always fully stocked with rices cauliflower!

  3. Megan, you can do an online order at Walmart and then you just drive up and they will load the groceries for you. You just have to spend $50 (which is super easy). You can get your veggies and not walk into a Walmart. Win-Win!

  4. Green Giant also makes a riced broccoli cauliflower mix that is amazing as well!!

  5. Man, I feel ya on the cheese. I love it, but my body does not. So sad :(


  6. Am I able to participate in the Diet Bet if I live in Canada? Thanks :)

  7. I just tried the Riced Cauliflower from TJ's a couple of days ago. Just sauteed it in olive oil and fresh garlic. SO SO SO yummy. Definitely going to try the riced cauliflower and sweet potato next. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. mine always has the cauliflower rice also. i wonder why your store is failing at life?!


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