Vegas in the Fall.

Oliver and I had a fantastic time on our 2 day trip to Vegas, it was his first time and I wasn't sure if he would really enjoy it. We stayed at New York, New York, highly recommend! Such a great location and lots to eat and see in that hotel. Last time I stayed at Mandalay Bay and it was just ok, the hotel was a little large for my taste and all the way down on the very end of the strip.

Lots of my friends were also in Vegas for the Rock n Roll half marathon. I opted not to run due to my knee, right now I'm hoping to be running by January. Oliver and I are not gamblers, I lose $20 bucks and I'm like 'this game sucks.' We spent our wad on food, Oliver made me finish every drink because they were each $14. 

We had sushi at Yellowtail - I'm not really a sushi girl, I'm more of an California Roll person. Poppy made me try the tuna 'pizza' that was drizzled with truffle oil. SO SO GOOD! Then I tried a roll with Poprocks in it, sounds crazy but the spicy and sweet combo was outstanding! 

Sunnies from Ollie Marie.

We got up early the next day to do some Zip Lining about 20 minutes from the Strip. I was surprised Oliver agreed to do it, he doesn't like heights, but we both had so much fun. It was nice to do something outdoors, the weather was beautiful! 

We had lunch at Wolfgang's, highly recommend the homemade chips with blue cheese sauce and the Moscow Mule. 

My bestest Vegas friend, Evie! It was fun to bring our husbands along too, usually it just us girls. 

They shut down the Strip around 4pm for the race, which turned out to be a mess for anyone NOT running the race. You already have to walk a lot, but with the airplane ride and all the standing, my left leg was super swollen. We tried to take cabs as much as possible, but while the race was going on you had to walk everywhere. We went to Giada's for dinner, it was delicious, but the portions are pretty small for the price. 

Everyone recommended going to see Absinthe and it did not disappoint! Highly inappropriate, but hilarious!! The tent was so cute inside, much better than seeing it in a theater. They had some comedy, some circus type acts, and a lot of laughter. 

We got out about 9:30pm and Oliver was dead tired, he just can't hang anymore. I begged for a milkshake and he agreed cause he loves me and #hugs

So we went to the Cosmo for a milkshake at Holsteins, I had the Smores and it was worth the calories {well, I actually don't know the calories ahahaha}. I got to hang out with my California bestie, Ang, too. We went back to the hotel for sleep, we had to be up at 4am for our flight. Oliver HATES flying and originally stated he would only fly when it was dark out, well flying at night is more expensive and I refused to spend an extra 400 bucks to go later so the best I could do was 6am. I think from being tired his drugs worked extra well, he was ok and I even saw him peeking out the window on the descent. I was a bit worried when he started wobbling and put on his sunglasses inside the airplane, I'm like - oh geez he looks like a criminal! 

Hopefully next year I can go back and actually run the race, it looked like a ton of fun! 


  1. I LOVE Vegas and loved following your snaps this weekend. We debated on going to Giada's when we were there in April, sad to hear it's overpriced. Glad you had fun!

  2. My husband and I were in Vegas this past spring and had sushi at Yellowtail. I'm drooling over hearing about the poprocks one again! It was surprisingly amazing!!! Our waiter told us that the chef's parents would put candy in his sushi to get him to eat it as a child. So he adapted it for the restaurant!


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