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Where to start?! Ok - the house. I keep forgetting we even bought a house, nothing is happening at the moment. We finished picking all the upgrades and such, now we wait for all our permits to begin building. It rained the last few days here in Dallas and we were once again reminded of why we want to move, the internet just goes down in rain, wind, or just because it's a Tuesday. So frustrating when we both work from home. 

A few girls from my gym were doing another Crossfit competition and I signed up with a partner. This one was a much different experience from the last one - everyone was in amazing physical shape. I walked in and felt intimated by all the girls walking around with 6 packs and giant quads, but I reminded myself that I'm here for fun. I got to hang out with the girls from my box, we did some working out, I improved from the last competition, and overall it was a lot of fun! My knee has been feeling pretty good, better each day. I've been going to PT 2x a week and doing all my at home work religiously. 

I've missed a lot of the soccer season from my surgeries, but Sunday I woke up feeling pretty good so I decided to go to my last game. It was actually chilly outside, perfect soccer weather. My cheerleaders came and we went out for pancakes afterwards. Later that day my calf started to hurt - kinda felt tight so I did my stretching, icing, elevating, etc. 

The next day it was swollen and my calf hurt in one spot to the touch, I called my surgeon to get an ultrasound done to be sure that I didn't have a blood clot. I swear I recovered faster from major surgeries than I did from this 15 minute scoped knee that I didn't even have to be put all the way asleep for. 

Good news is that I have no blood clot, but I do have a cyst that's leaking into my calf. It's crazy painful and really nothing to be done about it. Take advil and rest. Story of my life! Looks like I won't be able to run Vegas this weekend, but I'm still really looking forward to taking the trip with Oliver - 2 days of eating, drinking, and sleeping in! 

I woke up today with my calf feeling much better, it's still a little tender and swollen, but I wrapped it up tight which makes it feel better. Lifting doesn't aggravate it, just running, so I did just a little lifting today. I've been waiting for 1 rep max day FOREVER to see if I've gotten stronger. My back squat still needs work, but it's also the one I'm most scared of. My overhead press was good, finally able to get 5 more pounds, but I was very happy with my deadlift - 15 pounds more than last time!

So if anyone wants to run my Vegas half this weekend let me know - I'll pick up my number just in case :)

On another note - I've been pretty open about the peeing situation lately - the heavier I lift the more it's an issue. I've tried a lot of things, but I have to say the Blossom Cup is absolutely amazing!!! If you're having issues I'd give it a try. I used the large, but they have multiple sizes. It was a bit confusing on how to insert, but they actually have YouTube videos to help LOL
This has been more of an issue for me since my lower body lift, I'm hoping it's going to get better the stronger my core gets, I was also told to have more sex....pretty sure Oliver put them up to saying that! 


  1. woah!! The blossom cup?? That thing works for peeing while doing wods???? What the crap! Oh my heck! I need one if it really does work- haha

  2. Pelvic floor therapy? I've heard wonderful things about it personally can't wait to go myself!

  3. Have you been assessed by your ob/gyn or a physical therapist that specializes i in pelvic floor issues? Urinary incontinence isn't normal and should be addressed particularly before doing any heavy lifting. If you're not careful you could end up with uterine prolapse, fecal incontinence or other more serious issues. Not trying to give you a hard time just a heads up since I'm a fitness professional.

  4. I've been having pee issues while woding since before I was pregnant so after I have the baby we will see how it goes. Congrats on the house! Soon enough they'll start building and you can do posts about the process.


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