HYLETE Workout Clothing!

*This post is sponsored by Hylete, but all opinions are my own.

Workout clothing is my #1 purchased item, it's also the #1 item on my Christmas list. I get my money's worth, every day I roll out of bed to a preselected outfit. I'm also picky, I love comfort, color, and durability - in that order. I choose my outfit mostly depending on the workout for that day. Upper body means I have to wear a tank, cardio means dry wicking, and leg day has to be uber comfortable leggings.

HYLETE makes high performance functional clothing, quality for in and out of the gym. This hoodie is everything that is right with workout wear - bold color, ultra durable fleece faced fabric, plus thumb holes which is an absolute must this time of year! I'm kinda obsessed with the fabric of the thumb holes, it's slightly softer and stretchier than the rest of the jacket. There is even a pocket on the inside, perfect for keys while you go for run. 

This henley is cut perfectly, slightly slimming, but not tight. It's fabric is wicking and stretchy so I could wear it running or during a WOD. I have yet to experience a winter in my Crossfit box - just celebrated 6 months!! - but I have a feeling it's going to be cold, like real cold. I'm a Texas girl - anything under 50 is freezing. 

Since starting Crossfit my 'testing' of workout clothing has changed, I must be able to handstand, box jump, jump rope, and lift - all at the same time. I don't like to stop and adjust my clothing! 

I really love the way they give back, HYLETE makes apparel for a few charities, handpicked for their vision and genuine compassion. These charities receive 50% off of revenue from their apparel sold on the HYLETE website. 

The Invex II Crop has this amazing adjustable waistband - you can roll it down or wear it up. Waistbands are the top of the list when I'm checking out new pants! I'm wearing the small and it's the prefect size, tight enough to stay up, but no dancing around my bedroom to get them up. 

Not only do I love Hylete, but they are offering you guys 40% off your entire first purchase! Use code SKINNYMEG - expires 12/12 - click here to get started shopping!

They also carry men's wear and I can't wait to get some for Oliver, his workout clothing is sadly lacking. I know he's pretty obsessed with his red Crossfit shirt, but I think it's time to up his game. 

That shirt looks #flexbreak ready. you know he want's the arms tight on every top!


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