I don't know what got into Oliver this weekend, but he worked out with me Saturday and Sunday! He's been a Monday to Friday guy, but he heard we were doing 'Death by Burpees' on Sunday and wanted in on the action. You do 1 burped the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc until you fail. I only got to 14 and I'm so mad at myself for not getting to 15 which was my mental goal, but I'm going to give it another go soon. {If you're in my challenge group, BE READY for this!}

Serious though, my traps can take a break anytime now. How about we work on growing my hammys or triceps instead? We did lots and lots of wall balls too and the next day my neck was sore, I told Oliver if my neck get's thick I'm out. hahahaha, JK as Madison would say!

No matter how old she is I have a hard time going into Target and NOT buying her an outfit, who can pass up gold glitter? She's been wanting to run a lot lately, so I took her for a short jog yesterday, that little turd can out sprint me! When did that happen?!?! 

We have no plans for Thanksgiving break, both kids are out all week long. My parents are taking them to some Amish type farm near Austin, my Mom told me a million times what it was, but I can never remember. I'm not even sure I'm doing any Black Friday shopping this year, I usually really love going it puts me in the mood for Christmas. The fact that we will be moving next year means I don't want to bring home any more personal inventory - I'd rather start decluttering. 

Last year I got rid of our white tree because I wanted something different, but now I don't want to purchase until we are in the new house, so I think we will be super domestic and go chop down a real one. Finger's crossed I can keep it alive. 

Sugar Plum Top

Saturday my cousin came in town from Maryland, to go to the Cowboys game although he's a Ravens fan. I'm glad Oliver's not a huge football fan, those tickets are outrageous! Men have expensive habits, fishing and golfing alone is enough for us. Oliver had to have a new rod and reel for his 5 day fishing trip, alone. Then he came back and wanted to show me all his dead fish pictures. 

Everyone's been asking about the thing on the back of my phone - it's a PopSocket! They are only like 9 bucks and so handy, they stick to any phone case, you can pop out to help you hold your phone or prop it up on the sink to watch Hulu while you curl your hair. Still stuck on The Good Wife, so good! Only 3 more days until GILMORE GIRLS!!!!! 


  1. My traps get crazy big (especially on clean days). My husband gets jealous...I would much rather make some other muscles grow instead, so I hear you!

  2. Omg I'm obsessed with the good wife right now! I'm towards the end of season 5, where are you??? It's sooooo good

  3. Is your mom taking the kids to Homestead Heritage near Waco? I'm from Waco and HH is really neat. They have different exhibits like soap making, barn raising, fabric weaving, etc.

  4. I am in the same situation and feel the same way about Christmas! I asked my kids if we can just have a tabletop tree. They didn't go for it! Where did you get Madison's blanket? So cute!


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