Catching Up

I was totally a lazy bum on Thanksgiving, I didn't cook a thing, I legit showed up at my Mom's and ate. I even tried to take a nap afterwards, but Oliver wanted to cuddle, then Aiden climbed on me, followed by both dogs who thought we were wrestling. For whatever reason I decided against any Black Friday shopping, I pretty much hate having to go to any store {except Home Goods}, I love the convince of ordering online. 

My parents wanted to take the kids to the Homestead Fair in Waco, it's a local fair that has animals, crafts, and homemade foods. My oldest brother lives close by so he met them and Aunt Katie made the drive down smooshed between two car seats. 

The kids had an absolute blast! Homemade donuts, pony rides, and crafts. Aiden sobbed on the way home, he really loved the pony rides.

I got a few text messages that has me concerned my parents were bringing home a baby goat or bunny. That's totally something they would do!

They made these wooden boats and weaved baskets, Madison now say's 'I can make that' every time we see a woven basket in Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Aiden cries every day to put that wooden boat in the bath tub with him, that's fun.

Sunday we went to pick out our first real Christmas tree, we decided to not cut our own - all the trees that grow in Texas are ugly. We had to buy a real import from North Carolina! I decided since I'd be vacuuming more anyways we might as well put that tinsel to good use, I have to say I kinda love it, it shimmers in person.

I debated getting all new ornaments, but that's a real investment so I think I'll wait for next year when we move into our new #whitehouse They did have the more gorgeous flocked tree at Pier One I was lusting over, maybe I can score a good deal after the holidays. 


The Secret to a Great Fitting Bra!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jockey for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


We can all agree that a well-fitting bra is the absolute basis of any outfit! I know this, but finding the time to drive to a store and be fitted always ranks low on my to do list. I think the last time I tried I had Aiden with me and he kept trying to climb under the dressing room doors.  After 15 minutes of trying to wrangle him, I gave up and decided to come another day - that was almost a year ago. 

Over the course of my weightless journey I have been everything from a 40G to a 32C, hitting all the sizes in-between. Unfortunately for women when you lose body fat it usually comes from your breasts and not the hips, kinda seems unfair.  With the RealFit® Kit by Jockey®, however, I’ve finally found the perfect fit. My bras are now so supportive I almost feel like I could workout in them! Be sure to see the bottom of this post for an exclusive deal of $10 off.

Did you know that you can have a RealFit® Kit sent right to your house? Talk about convenient! The kit comes with instructions {the easy kind - you know I hate reading directions!}, cups for sizing, and a measuring tape to find your band size. They send every possible size cup in your kit, you find the one that covers your entire breast best. I actually went through 3 different cups , you should be able to lean over without anything spilling out. 

Next, wrap the measuring tape under your bust. Wherever your color block overlaps is your band size. I was pretty surprised that my band size was a 30, every bra I own is a 34, oops! Be sure to go up a size if you're in-between, you can also return or exchange if you're not happy - even if you've worn and washed it! Nothing better than a company who stands behind their product.

I ordered 2 different types of bras, a molded cup and a soft cup. I was surprised at my sizing - my cups have been too small and my bands too big. I tend to always wear nude or black bras, nothing fancy, I just want them to be comfortable and functional. I think a perfectly fitting bra can make you look slimmer too! 

From pregnancy to weight gain to weight loss our bodies are put through a lot of changes, it's important to keep our sizing consistent to our current stage. I know I wish I hadn't waited so long to figure out my new size, pretty sure I complained daily about how my bras were ill fitting. 

The RealFit® Kit by Jockey retails for $19.95, but you save $10 with code MEGAN10. PLUS, you'll get $20 off your first bra when you find your perfect size using the RealFit® Kit.

They pass the white t-shirt test - no lumps or bumps - no spillage when I bend over. LOVE. Too bad I now have to replace all my ill-fitting wrong size bras! All from the comfort of my own home, can't beat that. Find your perfect size - use promo code MEGAN10 to get $10 off RealFit® Kit!

*Offer expires 11/30/16 at 11:59 p.m. PST. $10 off only on RealFit® on Jockey.com with coupon code MEGAN10. Coupon code single use only. Discount applied at checkout before tax and shipping. Not valid on RealFit bra by Jockey style nos. 6701-6703, 6705, 6707, sale items, previous purchases, Jockey Being Family® items or in-store. Selection varies; available on in-stock items only while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions. No rain checks/cash redemption. Void where prohibited.



I don't know what got into Oliver this weekend, but he worked out with me Saturday and Sunday! He's been a Monday to Friday guy, but he heard we were doing 'Death by Burpees' on Sunday and wanted in on the action. You do 1 burped the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc until you fail. I only got to 14 and I'm so mad at myself for not getting to 15 which was my mental goal, but I'm going to give it another go soon. {If you're in my challenge group, BE READY for this!}

Serious though, my traps can take a break anytime now. How about we work on growing my hammys or triceps instead? We did lots and lots of wall balls too and the next day my neck was sore, I told Oliver if my neck get's thick I'm out. hahahaha, JK as Madison would say!

No matter how old she is I have a hard time going into Target and NOT buying her an outfit, who can pass up gold glitter? She's been wanting to run a lot lately, so I took her for a short jog yesterday, that little turd can out sprint me! When did that happen?!?! 

We have no plans for Thanksgiving break, both kids are out all week long. My parents are taking them to some Amish type farm near Austin, my Mom told me a million times what it was, but I can never remember. I'm not even sure I'm doing any Black Friday shopping this year, I usually really love going it puts me in the mood for Christmas. The fact that we will be moving next year means I don't want to bring home any more personal inventory - I'd rather start decluttering. 

Last year I got rid of our white tree because I wanted something different, but now I don't want to purchase until we are in the new house, so I think we will be super domestic and go chop down a real one. Finger's crossed I can keep it alive. 

Sugar Plum Top

Saturday my cousin came in town from Maryland, to go to the Cowboys game although he's a Ravens fan. I'm glad Oliver's not a huge football fan, those tickets are outrageous! Men have expensive habits, fishing and golfing alone is enough for us. Oliver had to have a new rod and reel for his 5 day fishing trip, alone. Then he came back and wanted to show me all his dead fish pictures. 

Everyone's been asking about the thing on the back of my phone - it's a PopSocket! They are only like 9 bucks and so handy, they stick to any phone case, you can pop out to help you hold your phone or prop it up on the sink to watch Hulu while you curl your hair. Still stuck on The Good Wife, so good! Only 3 more days until GILMORE GIRLS!!!!! 


HYLETE Workout Clothing!

*This post is sponsored by Hylete, but all opinions are my own.

Workout clothing is my #1 purchased item, it's also the #1 item on my Christmas list. I get my money's worth, every day I roll out of bed to a preselected outfit. I'm also picky, I love comfort, color, and durability - in that order. I choose my outfit mostly depending on the workout for that day. Upper body means I have to wear a tank, cardio means dry wicking, and leg day has to be uber comfortable leggings.

HYLETE makes high performance functional clothing, quality for in and out of the gym. This hoodie is everything that is right with workout wear - bold color, ultra durable fleece faced fabric, plus thumb holes which is an absolute must this time of year! I'm kinda obsessed with the fabric of the thumb holes, it's slightly softer and stretchier than the rest of the jacket. There is even a pocket on the inside, perfect for keys while you go for run. 

This henley is cut perfectly, slightly slimming, but not tight. It's fabric is wicking and stretchy so I could wear it running or during a WOD. I have yet to experience a winter in my Crossfit box - just celebrated 6 months!! - but I have a feeling it's going to be cold, like real cold. I'm a Texas girl - anything under 50 is freezing. 

Since starting Crossfit my 'testing' of workout clothing has changed, I must be able to handstand, box jump, jump rope, and lift - all at the same time. I don't like to stop and adjust my clothing! 

I really love the way they give back, HYLETE makes apparel for a few charities, handpicked for their vision and genuine compassion. These charities receive 50% off of revenue from their apparel sold on the HYLETE website. 

The Invex II Crop has this amazing adjustable waistband - you can roll it down or wear it up. Waistbands are the top of the list when I'm checking out new pants! I'm wearing the small and it's the prefect size, tight enough to stay up, but no dancing around my bedroom to get them up. 

Not only do I love Hylete, but they are offering you guys 40% off your entire first purchase! Use code SKINNYMEG - expires 12/12 - click here to get started shopping!

They also carry men's wear and I can't wait to get some for Oliver, his workout clothing is sadly lacking. I know he's pretty obsessed with his red Crossfit shirt, but I think it's time to up his game. 

That shirt looks #flexbreak ready. you know he want's the arms tight on every top!


Vegas in the Fall.

Oliver and I had a fantastic time on our 2 day trip to Vegas, it was his first time and I wasn't sure if he would really enjoy it. We stayed at New York, New York, highly recommend! Such a great location and lots to eat and see in that hotel. Last time I stayed at Mandalay Bay and it was just ok, the hotel was a little large for my taste and all the way down on the very end of the strip.

Lots of my friends were also in Vegas for the Rock n Roll half marathon. I opted not to run due to my knee, right now I'm hoping to be running by January. Oliver and I are not gamblers, I lose $20 bucks and I'm like 'this game sucks.' We spent our wad on food, Oliver made me finish every drink because they were each $14. 

We had sushi at Yellowtail - I'm not really a sushi girl, I'm more of an California Roll person. Poppy made me try the tuna 'pizza' that was drizzled with truffle oil. SO SO GOOD! Then I tried a roll with Poprocks in it, sounds crazy but the spicy and sweet combo was outstanding! 

Sunnies from Ollie Marie.

We got up early the next day to do some Zip Lining about 20 minutes from the Strip. I was surprised Oliver agreed to do it, he doesn't like heights, but we both had so much fun. It was nice to do something outdoors, the weather was beautiful! 

We had lunch at Wolfgang's, highly recommend the homemade chips with blue cheese sauce and the Moscow Mule. 

My bestest Vegas friend, Evie! It was fun to bring our husbands along too, usually it just us girls. 

They shut down the Strip around 4pm for the race, which turned out to be a mess for anyone NOT running the race. You already have to walk a lot, but with the airplane ride and all the standing, my left leg was super swollen. We tried to take cabs as much as possible, but while the race was going on you had to walk everywhere. We went to Giada's for dinner, it was delicious, but the portions are pretty small for the price. 

Everyone recommended going to see Absinthe and it did not disappoint! Highly inappropriate, but hilarious!! The tent was so cute inside, much better than seeing it in a theater. They had some comedy, some circus type acts, and a lot of laughter. 

We got out about 9:30pm and Oliver was dead tired, he just can't hang anymore. I begged for a milkshake and he agreed cause he loves me and #hugs

So we went to the Cosmo for a milkshake at Holsteins, I had the Smores and it was worth the calories {well, I actually don't know the calories ahahaha}. I got to hang out with my California bestie, Ang, too. We went back to the hotel for sleep, we had to be up at 4am for our flight. Oliver HATES flying and originally stated he would only fly when it was dark out, well flying at night is more expensive and I refused to spend an extra 400 bucks to go later so the best I could do was 6am. I think from being tired his drugs worked extra well, he was ok and I even saw him peeking out the window on the descent. I was a bit worried when he started wobbling and put on his sunglasses inside the airplane, I'm like - oh geez he looks like a criminal! 

Hopefully next year I can go back and actually run the race, it looked like a ton of fun! 


I'm That Girl.

Where to start?! Ok - the house. I keep forgetting we even bought a house, nothing is happening at the moment. We finished picking all the upgrades and such, now we wait for all our permits to begin building. It rained the last few days here in Dallas and we were once again reminded of why we want to move, the internet just goes down in rain, wind, or just because it's a Tuesday. So frustrating when we both work from home. 

A few girls from my gym were doing another Crossfit competition and I signed up with a partner. This one was a much different experience from the last one - everyone was in amazing physical shape. I walked in and felt intimated by all the girls walking around with 6 packs and giant quads, but I reminded myself that I'm here for fun. I got to hang out with the girls from my box, we did some working out, I improved from the last competition, and overall it was a lot of fun! My knee has been feeling pretty good, better each day. I've been going to PT 2x a week and doing all my at home work religiously. 

I've missed a lot of the soccer season from my surgeries, but Sunday I woke up feeling pretty good so I decided to go to my last game. It was actually chilly outside, perfect soccer weather. My cheerleaders came and we went out for pancakes afterwards. Later that day my calf started to hurt - kinda felt tight so I did my stretching, icing, elevating, etc. 

The next day it was swollen and my calf hurt in one spot to the touch, I called my surgeon to get an ultrasound done to be sure that I didn't have a blood clot. I swear I recovered faster from major surgeries than I did from this 15 minute scoped knee that I didn't even have to be put all the way asleep for. 

Good news is that I have no blood clot, but I do have a cyst that's leaking into my calf. It's crazy painful and really nothing to be done about it. Take advil and rest. Story of my life! Looks like I won't be able to run Vegas this weekend, but I'm still really looking forward to taking the trip with Oliver - 2 days of eating, drinking, and sleeping in! 

I woke up today with my calf feeling much better, it's still a little tender and swollen, but I wrapped it up tight which makes it feel better. Lifting doesn't aggravate it, just running, so I did just a little lifting today. I've been waiting for 1 rep max day FOREVER to see if I've gotten stronger. My back squat still needs work, but it's also the one I'm most scared of. My overhead press was good, finally able to get 5 more pounds, but I was very happy with my deadlift - 15 pounds more than last time!

So if anyone wants to run my Vegas half this weekend let me know - I'll pick up my number just in case :)

On another note - I've been pretty open about the peeing situation lately - the heavier I lift the more it's an issue. I've tried a lot of things, but I have to say the Blossom Cup is absolutely amazing!!! If you're having issues I'd give it a try. I used the large, but they have multiple sizes. It was a bit confusing on how to insert, but they actually have YouTube videos to help LOL
This has been more of an issue for me since my lower body lift, I'm hoping it's going to get better the stronger my core gets, I was also told to have more sex....pretty sure Oliver put them up to saying that! 


Hey You.

Dusting off this blog, it's been a minute since I've sat down to write. Sometimes I feel like I share so much on my other social media there's not a lot left to say here, but I'm not ready to stop blogging. I've been documenting our life for years now and I like to read back what we were doing. Halloween was great, the kids were out of school so they went to the zoo with Oma and Opa. Us adults dressed up for Crossfit, this outfit I bought a few years ago for an 80's party has sure come in handy quite a few times. 

I made a Home Chef meal before we went out to hunt and gather candy, broccoli cheese soup. Oliver declined his because it has onions in it, still a mystery to me why I married someone who hates onions. Madison loved it though, the soup was very chunky with veggies, def making again! 

No homemade costumes from Mimi this year, but Target to the rescue. We had to hide Aiden's sword several times, he kept running around yelling 'argh' and hitting everyone. 

But, I mean, how you can be mad at the face?!

I won my last Diet Bet - this is my weigh in face EVERY FREAKING TIME, Oliver can't take my picture to save his life. He cuts off the words, my head, or takes to long and the scale turns off. Sigh. I'm going to do a Holiday group, but it's going to be a little stricter on requirements just so we only have people who WANT to participate. It will run from Nov 15th to Jan 1st. You have to post/check in daily on FB, also if possible do body fat testing before and after {or close to}, if body fat testing is not available to you I was thinking of doing measurements, just something besides the scale. 

If you are interested in this please send me a Facebook message to my SkinnyMeg account.

I came across this picture and it really makes me appreciate how far we've come as a family, I'm thankful that fitness is now something we can do together. I'm still not up for lots of running, but the Crossfit competition I did was so much fun I've signed up for another one this weekend. It's a partner one which makes me nervous, now if I screw up I let down someone else! Next weekend we are heading to Vegas for Rock and Roll, I'm hoping my knee will be on board - I've been going to PT 2x a week and doing all my stretches daily with a OPTP Stretch Out Strap plus taking Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine which is really helping with the inflammation. Oliver's never been to Vegas, we are going to have so much fun! I'm already planning out what we are going to eat :) 


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