We had a pretty low key weekend, the weather was fantastic, sunny with a cool breeze. Madison played really well at her games this weekend, my favorite Saturday activity. Look how big Aiden baby is getting! His new thing is to say 'YES' to everything - no more 'yeah' or 'uh huh' I'll probably cry for a week when he stops saying 'sister' and calls her by her name. This kids hairs is slowlyyyyyyy making an appearance!

Oliver and I went out to dinner with our friends on Saturday, we tried a new restaurant in Dallas called Sixty Vines. They have wine on tap, awesome food, and the atmosphere was amazing! We were able to eat on the patio - in a greenhouse. 

Sunday is food shopping/food prepping day. I usually start by cleaning and organizing the fridge, we legit spend a fortune on food each week, but we both eat almost all our meals at home and the kids both take a lunch to school. I've finished my first week of carb cycling and oddly enough I have a much harder time eating high carb and low fat than I do with low carb days. I sat down and figured out ways to get more carbs in without adding more fats.

I changed my bread to a higher carb one, the Trader Joes Sourdough has no fat and 24g of carbs each slice. I usually use Natures Own which is around 11g per slice. 

Instead of just broccoli on the side I made broccoli tots which have breadcrumbs inside and are super yummy! I used the riced broccoli from Trader Joes this time and they turned out perfectly, but you can just use regular broccoli too. I mixed broccoli, egg whites, breadcrumbs, grated parmesan cheese. - baked at 425 for 16 minutes. Instead of rolling in a ball I just used a muffin pan.

I also bought some Cereal {Pumpkin O's} to add in high carb days, I'm also going to add in beans to a few dishes. I actually rarely eat beans, but if you have a great recipe with them please leave me a link!

My Zaycon Fresh order came in, we've been separating 3 cases of chicken this weekend. Oliver trims and I bag. The freezer is loaded up and it should last us a while, ever since Oliver started counting macros our lean meat consumption has gone up considerably. I make enough for 3 days on Sunday and again on Wednesday, I try to have some prepped for the weekend to help keep myself on track. Eat all the protein at home and save fat and carbs for meals out.


  1. These beans are what I grew up eating instead of canned refried beans! When I became an adult I started buying the fat free black bean version and they are SO good and a great source of carbs. They taste like legit Mexican food restaurant refried beans, or even the dip at Gloria's! https://www.amazon.com/Mexicali-Rose-Refried-Black-Instant/dp/B000O8UPQM
    I usually find them at United or Walmart with the Mexican stuff, not where the normal beans are.

  2. A chicken chill is a great way to get in carbs with lower fat. I am making it this week, which is why it came to mind. I usually use a combo of northern beans, garbanzo beans and black beans, along with corn, tri-peppers & onions - along with all the other chilli fixings (diced tomatoes, tomato paste, a little chicken broth, seasonings) :)

    1. Meant to add that I use the crock pot and dump all those ingredients above on top of 3 chicken breasts and let it cook all day :)

  3. I hear ya on the high carb, low fat foods. I am on a reverse and enjoying more food but struggling with the fats. Pretzels are getting old. Time for something new!!! Can't wait to hear more on how the carb cycling goes!!! Keep Rockin' It! ~Laura

  4. Greek White Bean Soup

    I skip the olive oil and toss everything in the crockpot with more garlic powder, onion powder, and use broth vs water. So yummy!

  5. http://www.elboricua.com/habichuelas.html For this recipe you can skip the ham and potatoes and it still tastes really good.

    Since Oliver has been fully on board with macros and working out is it more fun for you or easier to stick with your own plan? I keep trying to get my husband to start with me because he has way more discipline and will power then me but he wont go for it.

  6. A can of white beans with a sprig of rosemary cooked down for a few hours is a super easy and yummy side dish I do a lot.

  7. I love mashed beans on tortillas with avocado, sour cream, corn, and cheese. I'm vegetarian so you could cut some of the fatty things for more carbs.

  8. can you do a post about what you pack for your kid's lunches?

  9. My little Hudson is almost the same age as Aiden and calls my oldest "Brother" all the time...I would start crying as well if he changed it to his actual name :)


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